The NHL Awards are a thing that happens every year. They're a lot like other awards shows, in that they're full of self-congratulating, while the majority of the audience is probably just going to get angry at the results. But the NHL Awards are filled with really awkward bits by comedians you've never heard of, so we've got that going for us! ... It's a thing.

This year's awards might go a bit better, though, as Will Arnett is hosting this year's show. You may know him best as GOB from Arrested Development, or as a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan who wanted to be roommates with Jake Gardiner once upon a time, or even as a Brendan Shanhan impersonator.


Via press release, Arnett said:

I'm excited to host the 2016 NHL Awards because we all know in 2017 I'll be too busy celebrating the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup.

Okay, this year's Awards might just be a good show after all. Bless Will Arnett and his wonderful taste.