At the very least, we know William Nylander is okay enough to use Twitter.

Using Twitter and actually getting to play hockey are two very different things, though - but for the time being, Nylander will be staying with Team Sweden in Helsinki, even if he won't necessarily be playing.

Sweden plays again tomorrow, Dec. 28, at 9:00 a.m. ET against the United States - a team that will surely be a tougher test than the Swiss were (on the plus side, that means there might be more hockey and less goonery), and a team they could really use the elder Nylander to take on. But everyone is being rightfully cautious right now, so Nylander will not be playing.

His younger brother, Alex, hopes he'll be back in time for the quarterfinals.

In the meantime, the Maple Leafs and Team Sweden are in full agreement with how to proceed regarding Nylander's status, so he's in good hands.

Chris Egli, the Swiss player who delivered the hit to Nylander's head, has been suspended three games, and will miss the rest of the round robin. He served the first game of his suspension today, wherein the Swiss lost 2-1 to Team Denmark.