It’s time for our final recap of the Community Vote and the official PPP Vote!

We all put 25 names on the list, other than that... we agreed a lot. I’m alarmed by this.

PPP Vote Top 9

#9 Travis Dermott, #8 Filip Hållander & #7 Timothy Liljegren

Winter T25U25: #7 Timothy Liljegren, #8 Filip Hallander, #9 Travis Dermott

#6 Rodion Amirov

Winter T25U25 #6: Rodion Amirov

#5 Nicholas Robertson & #4 Rasmus Sandin

Winter T25: The epic battle for 4th and 5th

#3 William Nylander, #2 Mitch Marner & #1 Auston Matthews

Community Vote Top 9

#9 Pierre Engvall (our rank: 15)

#8 Rodion Amirov (our rank: 6)

#7 Timothy Liljegren (our rank: 7)

#6 Travis Dermott (our rank: 9)

#5 Nicholas Robertson (our rank: 5)

#4 Rasmus Sandin (our rank: 4)

#3 William Nylander (our rank: 3)

#2 Mitch Marner (our rank: 2)

#1 Auston Matthews (our rank: 1)

We Agree Until We Don’t

With the top five identical, and one other in the top nine we all ranked seventh, we agree a lot this year. And they, boy do we ever diverge when we hit number eight for us and nine for you.  We all know who the top seven are for what seems like the first time. And that’s usually an indication that the drop off that happens around that spot in player quality is real and large.

In other words, we only argue about the ones who aren’t at the top of the list these days.

Since we’re here, let’s have a look at the Summer Top 10 vs the Winter Top 10:


  1. Auston Matthews 1.00
  2. Mitch Marner 2.42
  3. William Nylander 2.58
  4. Rasmus Sandin 4.58
  5. Nicholas Robertson 4.83
  6. Kasperi Kapanen 5.58
  7. Timothy Liljegren 7.25
  8. Travis Dermott 8.17
  9. Pierre Engvall 10.25
  10. 2020 2nd-round pick 12.00


  1. Auston Matthews 1.0
  2. Mitch Marner 2.4
  3. William Nylander 2.6
  4. Rasmus Sandin 4.6
  5. Nicholas Robertson 4.8
  6. Rodion Amirov 5.9
  7. Timothy Liljegren 7.7
  8. Filip Hållander 9.7
  9. Travis Dermott 10.2
  10. Mikhail Abramov 11.6

The second round pick was shoved down because Kasperi Kapanen got split into two new prospects, and that pick also got split into two, and they ended up both near where we ranked the idea of a second round player. Beyond that, the list fractured a little more with late-round just-drafted players supplanting some of the old favourites.

Tomorrow we will post the completed lists and the PPP voting record, and then we’ll watch six of our prospects play in the WJC before the top five names on this list show up for training camp. The Top 5 Under 25 are (more or less) in the NHL, which is a very good sign that the Leafs are planning to be good longer enough to do something with all this talent.