The T25 is officially over! This post is just for the official voting record and the final list of the Community vote. It’s not going to work on mobile so well, so maybe find a desktop in a antique store to use.

PPP Winter Top 25 Under 25 Votes

PlayerFinal RankAgeSpeciesBrigstewKatyaHardevFuleminKevinJaredAdamRahefWeighted Average
Auston Matthews1231111111111.0
Mitch Marner2232323223322.4
William Nylander3243232332232.6
Rasmus Sandin4205445455454.6
Nicholas Robertson5196564544544.8
Rodion Amirov6194656666865.9
Timothy Liljegren72110787887687.7
Filip Hållander8207129891381299.7
Travis Dermott92417101210771111710.2
Mikhail Abramov1019887171912971711.6
Roni Hirvonen11181111101114912171211.9
Topi Niemelä1218991112161010-1012.6
Mikko Kokkonen13191213189131414161413.7
Joey Anderson142213221313101115141313.8
Pierre Engvall152418171614111516151114.8
Nicholas Abruzzese16211416221517162391516.3
Egor Korshkov172419181521122117101816.8
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev182016251716181919191618.3
Dmitri Ovchinnikov191815152023-1713-2419.9
Denis Malgin2023--14-15-18132020.4
Artur Akhtyamov2119202024242218-222222.0
Veeti Miettinen22192414-18-2320-2322.2
Filip Král232121-1920--25201922.4
Mac Hollowell242223-2322202421-2122.9
Pontus Holmberg25212223-1925202424-23.2
Adam Brooks2624-19--21-2221-23.7
Axel Rindell2720252121--25-18-23.8
William Villeneuve2818-24---22-232524.9
Joseph Duszak2923--25-23--25-25.4
Kristians Rubins3023---2524----25.7
Vladimir BobylevN/A23---------26.0
Nikolai ChebykinN/A23---------26.0
Vladislav KaraN/A22---------26.0
JD GreenwayN/A22---------26.0
Joseph WollN/A22---------26.0
Ian ScottN/A21---------26.0
Eemeli RasanenN/A21---------26.0
Ryan O’ConnellN/A21---------26.0
Semyon KizimovN/A20---------26.0
Kalle LoponenN/A19---------26.0
Michael KosterN/A19---------26.0
John FuscoN/A19---------26.0
Ryan TverbergN/A18---------26.0
Wyatt SchingoetheN/A18---------26.0
Joe MillerN/A18---------26.0

Winter T25 Community Votes

PlayerCommunity Vote ScoreRank
Auston Matthews44.821
Mitch Marner43.352
William Nylander43.163
Rasmus Sandin40.914
Nicholas Robertson39.735
Travis Dermott39.256
Timothy Liljegren37.797
Rodion Amirov36.378
Pierre Engvall35.299
Egor Korshkov32.5310
Joey Anderson32.1811
Filip Hållander31.9612
Mikhail Abramov29.3113
Adam Brooks29.1814
Denis Malgin28.7715
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev27.0216
Mikko Kokkonen26.6217
Nicholas Abruzzese 26.3618
Mac Hollowell25.6719
Joseph Woll24.0820
Joseph Duszak22.421
Ian Scott22.3422
Roni Hirvonen21.6623
Pontus Holmberg20.7424
Topi Niemelä20.1525
Kristians Rubins19.826
Filip Král19.3427
Artur Akhtyamov 17.1528
Vladislav Kara15.9929
Kalle Loponen15.2830
Dmitri Ovchinnikov14.131
Vladimir Bobylev14.0132
Axel Rindell13.9333
Nikolai Chebykin13.6534
Eemeli Rasanen13.5135
Veeti Miettinen13.4636
JD Greenway12.9637
William Villeneuve12.0838
Semyon Kizimov11.7539
Ryan O’Connell11.4140
Michael Koster10.6841
John Fusco8.2942
Ryan Tverberg6.6443
Wyatt Schingoethe4.9944
Joe Miller4.3445

Soon (I promise) I’ll do the full summary that includes the summer and winter T25, and we can look at that and see if we see any patterns in how we vote or how the Leafs draft.

Thank you for joining in on this Winter T25 in such large numbers for the Community Vote, and also for arguing in the comments. It’s all about the fights!

Next time, we hope the schedule for the draft is more normal, the T25 is done only once and comes after it, but you never know, anything can happen. Enjoy the WJC with six players, every one of whom was on the list this year.