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Golden Game Day Thread: Canada vs USA

The final game is here. Winner takes the gold. Loser wears the silver around their neck in shame for life. (Does not apply to Team USA)

USA v Canada - 2017 IIHF World Junior Championship

It’s game day folks! Canada vs USA in Montreal.

Expect the highest crowd of the tournament in the stands to watch this historic match up. So, like, 40% capacity (and with that strike, the horse is turned into dust).

You can check out Katya’s preview here.

Other stories to read while we wait for the game to start:

Sportsnet previews the game, has a feature on Anthony Cirelli, and looks back on the 30th anniversary of the Punch Up in Piestany.

Enjoy the game, and remember, it’s okay for Matthews to lose tonight, but that’s it. No more.