Sweden at Russia for the bronze.

Sweden took the game 2-1 and won the bronze for the fifth time in nine years.

IIHF recap

Sweden, with its strong club system for women's hockey faced off against the Russians, who have changed over to a similar system where the women's league is run by the KHL.

The game was close with both goalies being the stars of their teams, in fact, losing goaltender Valeria Tarakanova was named tournament MVP, the first time a goalie has ever won that honour. Sweden's goalie Emma Söderberg was named best goalie.

The Swedes are obviously serious about improving the play of women in hockey. Forward Mariam el Mahmadi explained how she moved to the most storied hockey city in Sweden, Örnsköldsvik, to attend special training and play for MODO.

The Russians took a penalty early in the game and Sweden opened the scoring on the power play. The Russians then filled the second period with four more penalties, and took away any chance to get something going.

In the end the two goals by Celine Tedenby and Sara Hjarlmarsson beat out Russia's one by Daria Beloglazova.

"Everyone should experience the feeling when 30 individuals, all alike, become a team, with the same goal and objectives."

Canada at USA for the gold

The US took the game into OT and won it 3-2.

IIHF recap

You again, they must have said to each other off the drop.

As always in women's hockey, the top two teams know each other well, and are evenly matched. Total shots in the game were 29-23 for the US.

After a nervous start, Canada went out to a 2 goal lead, only to see that evaporate as the US answered back with two of their own, including the tying goal scored by Natalie Snodgrass. The evenly matched teams went to overtime where Snodgrass won it for the USA in overtime, to give America their second straight gold medal.

Goal scorers were Jaime Bourbonnais and Daryl Watts for Canada, and Alex Woken and Natalie Snodgrass for the USA.

Another winner was women's hockey, as the event set a new attendance record:

The gold medal game set a single game attendance record of 5,516.