In news that should surprise no one who watched Zach Hyman suddenly be unable to skate more than once in the playoffs, he has suffered a severe enough knee injury that he needs surgery.

This is clearly a much more serious injury than the sorts of scoping surgery repairs that can heal up in a matter of weeks. Hyman, who trains harder than pretty much anyone on the Leafs, will miss the entirety of his training season if this rehab estimate is accurate. He’s going to come into camp a step behind the rest of the team. Considering that his physical ability, performed at a high pace in big minutes, is his game, this is a serious setback to the team.

In Game Seven, Hyman played 18 all-situation minutes, but since the Leafs didn’t take any penalties, he was never called on for PK duty. He had a 62% on-ice Corsi For, and led the team in five-on-five Individual Corsi For, Scoring Chances and Shots on Goal. He did all of that in his usual net-front in the corners style of play. It was possible to forget that the last time he’d slid into the boards, just one game previous, he couldn’t stand up afterwards.

He’s not the first player to play hurt in the playoffs, and he won’t be the last, but he may have done one of the best impressions of a man with two functioning legs that’s been seen in a while.

Get well soon, Zach. We need you.