Tuesday night on Twitter, a perfectly sincere man posted this:

He wasn’t trolling or joking; he really heard that while at the airport. And we all laughed. And made jokes about William Nylander going to play for ZSC to better Auston Matthews’ results there.

Nylander isn’t the most common Swedish name, but it’s not unique, and there’s even a second William Nylander in the Elite Prospects database. It all seemed unlikely.

The Sun story says that Kyle Dubas is in Switzerland for a meeting with Nylander today, but that this might just be a reassurance over the Leafs continuing commitment to him even though they currently win every game they play without actually trying.

The story also asserts that Michael Nylander is acting in part along with Lewis Goss as Nylander’s agent who is based in the US.

Now everyone who called that fellow a troll, go an apologize. And then let’s hope a deal is the result of this meeting.