Today the Toronto Marlies continue to fill out the team ahead of the playoffs while getting ready for next year.

They have signed two NCAA graduates to ATOs and to contracts that begin next season.

Defender Tommy Miller is 23 and has finished a final year in the NCAA at Northeastern after four years at Michigan State — he was captain in his last year there. To say he’s not a points-producer is an understatement, as his NCAA career points aren’t as many as some defenders get in a season.

He is 6’2” and a right shot, which makes him already qualified for the ECHL — and he might be a Growler next season. Hiding behind the lack of points could be an interesting AHL defender, but the most common landing spot for undrafted NCAA graduates is the ECHL.

Graham Slaggert is a forward, and will soon be 23 as well.  He just finished four seasons at Notre Dame where he was captain in his final year. The Maple Leafs love to sign former captains for the minors.

Slaggert is 5’11” and 183 lbs, and is listed as a centre. He has spent his entire college career playing for his father Andy Slaggert, who became head coach the year Graham was a rookie (after an incredible career stretching back to the 90s as an assistant).

Graham played with one brother, Landon, who was drafted by Chicago, and his younger brother Carter is about to join Notre Dame’s team next season. Graham is amore assists than goals, played for Team USA in the U17 and U18 championships, but fell off their radar before he was WJC age. He’s about to play his first family-free game in years, so this might be an interesting adjustment for him.

Welcome to the team, everyone.