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From the Branches: Matthews ends slump, Maple Leafs lose in shootout

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The Devil, you say?

Toronto Maple Leafs v New Jersey Devils Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Someone, we’ll call him E. Seldo., no wait, that’s too obvious, El S., forgot he was supposed to do the FTB today. Talk among yourselves while I gather some more links.

Happy American Thanksgiving to our friends from Trumpia. I hope you enjoy your non-metric turkey and all those other weird things you eat on this day.

Recap: Leafs tie the Devils 4 - 4 -Katya
This recap is full of goal video. Lots of goal video.

Is Brandon Prust on his way to a new team? - Katya
Maripier Morin may have let it slip on French radio.

A tale of two interviews: Hockey Night in Canada vs. Fox Sports Sun - Species
You can probably already guess which one was better.

The most breathtaking NHL player of the 1970s was... - VLM

The Flames need traffic lights on the ice or something.

Mayor Tory to announce proposal for tolls on DVP and Gardiner Expressways
Tolls expected to raise $200M annually, with the money earmarked for transit