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From the Branches: The kids are alright

Leafs lose, Reimer Dons Teal, Dion's coming home!

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning, what a night we have coming tomorrow. Former Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf comes back to the ACC. Hopefully he gets a kind welcome, there will be turds who will boo him, but so it goes.

Leafs lost yet another close one. Imagine this team when the projected goal scorers grow a bit more? Yeah, I know.

Here are some links. Enjoy them.

Recap: Les Canadiennes end the Furies' playoffs run | Ms Nafio of PPP

I held off on doing this recap for a couple of reasons but partly in an effort to write a calm and somewhat balanced recap instead of a total rant because I do believe that the Toronto Furies are a team that tries hard and are probably even more frustrated with how their final game in the 2015-16 postseason went than I am. Then I looked at the numbers. I'll save you the swearing in some of my notes, but there will be rant elements.

Why no World Cup of Hockey love for P.K. Subban from Hockey Canada? | TheColorOfHockey

Team Canada General Manager Doug Armstrong gave The Toronto Star some insight into the mind of Mike Babcock, the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs

"What I know Mike likes, working two Olympics, he likes predictability…the milkman, the paperboy, the evening tv...He likes to know that he can play a player in every situation.

Seriously Canada, what the hell is with your track record here?

Toronto Maple Leafs: Analyzing draft picks acquired last month

The Leafs acquired six draft picks over the next three seasons, a couple of prospects and a boatload of cap space (hello Steven Stamkos). With a focus on draft picks, we analyze all the assets acquired and how much they will help the rebuild. The comparisons and success rates are only from the Toronto Maple Leafs organization.

Draft Pick Worth vs. Active Player Value: A look at the Maple Leafs’ deadline moves - MLHS

Many, many writers have touched on the concept of Draft Pick Value, myself included. Those who find it interesting are happy to talk about it for days, and those who don’t tend to steer clear pretty quickly. The one downfall of the work done to date is that almost all of it has focused on what draft picks are worth when traded for – you guessed it – other draft picks. In the spirit of the (now passed) trade deadline, I want to take a quick look at answering the following question: How can we reasonably compare the value of a draft pick to the value of an active player?

Evaluating Player Evaluation Metrics and Expected Goal Models –
Here is something about stats.

Down Goes Brown: When Team Canada gets weird

Team Canada will unveil the first 16 selections for its World Cup roster Wednesday evening. The announcement is expected to generate controversy because, well, this is Canada, and complaining about international rosters is just a thing that we do up here. Somebody will be a surprise, somebody else will be snubbed, and we’ll all take a few days to yell at each other about it.

Oh, and this: