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From the Branches: A Shark can change its shorts

San Jose blows away their reputation and makes their way past game 7 to take on the Blues.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Choker vs Choker.

That's the Western Conference Final for you. Two teams known for their playoff failures are now playing for the chance to win their first Stanley Cup. That's a story I can get behind!

Here are your links on this, Friday the 13th.

First, the Marlies got revenge on the goons from Albany. They can shove their steamed hams where the sun don't shine.
Marlies Recap: Toronto 5, Albany 1 - Pension Plan Puppets

Raw Charge get's us ready for tonight's start to the Eastern Conference Final. Go Phil!
Numbers to consider for the 2016 Eastern Conference Finals - Raw Charge

Fear the Fin recaps the Sharks not acting like the Sharks
Sharks vs. Predators, Game 7: San Jose blows away Nashville to head to Western Conference Finals - Fear The Fin

St. Louis Game Time gets us ready for Sunday's (no Saturday?) Western Conference Final opener
San Jose Sharks Defeat Nashville Predators, Will Play St. Louis In Western Conference Finals - St. Louis Game Time

And finally, Editor In Leaf wants to know what jimmy Vesey's deal is.
Toronto Maple Leafs: Where Is Jimmy Vesey Going?

Enjoy your day.