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From the Branches: Why did I sign up for a Saturday?

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Seldo here with your almost missing FTB

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Whoa. Hey there, it's been a while.

I was about to leave to head up north but then I realized it's my FTB day. Poor planning.

So, uh links, eh? Well head over to the front page for some good stuff I'm sure.

Head over here to get caught up on the SBN NHL Mock Draft.

Here's some news on what's looking like the sealed and done expansion to Vegas:

New NHL expansion draft details, including waiving no-moves - Puck Daddy

And here are some of the posts remembering Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe.

Farewell, Mr. Hockey: Gordie Howe Passes Away at 88 - Stanley Cup of Chowder

Michael Langlois: The passing of Gordie Howe - Vintage Leaf Memories

The Toughest. One of the Greatest. The Lasting Legacy of ‘Mr. Hockey’ Gordie Howe - All About The Jersey

A Eulogy for one of the greatest athletes of all time: Gordie Howe, a hockey legend - Winging It In Motown

Finally, I leave you with this:

It's looking to be a hot one, enjoy your Saturday, folks.