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From the Branches: It's getting hot in here

I hope you have somewhere to cool off today.

Stay cool, folks
Stay cool, folks
Steve Finn/Getty Images

It's hot today. Really hot.

Please remember your furry friends today; give them lots of water and somewhere cool to rest, and do not leave your dog in the car, even "for just a few minutes."

Leafs Should Avoid Karri Ramo - Editor in Leaf
Ramo had below average numbers last season and shows no signs of being able to elevate his game from where it currently stands.

Flyers prospects appreciate surf, sand and fans in Stone Harbor -
[Species: The Flyers continued their annual homoerotic tradition of the Tiral on the Isle, where team prospects work out shirtless and "bond" as a team. Yes. There is a slideshow.]

Provorov straight up pandered to win the sandcastle competition - BSH
If you can't have actual hockey going on, then what's better than Philadelphia Flyers prospects on the beach? Nothing, that's what.

Cullen: Not part of the culture club - TSN
Ugh, culture. And, LOLHabs.

The Rangers Probably Waited Too Long - Blueshirt Banter
Glen Sather started it, but Jeff Gorton couldn't fix it.

Beijing restaurant makes customers solve equation to know prices - Daily Mail
Diners at a restaurant in Beijing should bring a calculator to dinner, as the prices of dishes are presented in the form of complex trigonometry equations.

Chinese Lottery Winners Collect Prizes Dressed as Cartoon Characters to Protect Their Identity - Oddity Central
A Chinese man was recently in the news for not only winning millions of yuan in a lottery, but also for the bizarre costume he wore while collecting his prize. The man was so worried about revealing his identity that he actually turned up dressed as the popular Disney character Baymax!

Jim Anderson Wins Cowboy Up Challenge Finals
Video shot by our SBNation friend Ari!