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Maple Leafs by the Numbers: #20 Bob Pulford

The first NHLPA president gets the nod as #20.

2011 Lester Patrick Awards Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Today’s number is the first president of the NHLPA, won four Stanley cups, and like many Maple Leafs is keeping Frank Corrado from his rightful place.

Bob Pulford (1956-1970)
Stats: 947GP - 251G - 312A - 563Pts - 691PM
Awards: Stanley Cup - 1962, 63, 64, 67

Bob Pulford joined the Maple Leafs right out of junior, from the Toronto Marlboros. He never spent one minute in the minor leagues. In his rookie year he put up 22 points, and that was the lowest mark of his career. Over fourteen seasons with the Maple Leafs he won four Stanley Cups, and in 1967 he was made the first president of the National Hockey League Players Association. Truly a great teammate on and off the ice.

His Leafs career came to an end at the start of 1970 training camp when he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings for Garry Monahan and Brian Murphy. He would retire after two seasons in LA, and turn to coaching immediately. His first year after retirement he was named head coach of the Kings, and after five seasons there he would join the Chicago Blackhawks as GM/Head coach and remain there until 2007 where he retired as Senior VP of Hockey Operations.

Other 20’s:

Claire Alexander (1974-77)
Stats: 123GP - 10G - 29A - 39Pts - 30PM

Eight years after leaving junior hockey, Claire made is Maple Leafs debut, splitting two seasons between the Leafs and Oklahoma City, and one full season in Toronto. Midway through the 77-78 season (started with the Tulsa Oilers), he would be traded to the Vancouver Canucks for cash.

George Armstrong (1949-1954)
Stats: 137GP - 34G - 29A - 63Pts - 63PM

Armstrong played over 1,000 games with the Maple Leafs, but his first five seasons were spent in the #20 and #15 (hockey-reference says he wore both numbers in this time period). After the 1954-55 season he would switch to #10 and wear it for 15 seasons, spending 11 of them as captain.

Ed Belfour (2002-06)
Stats: 170GP - 93W - .912sv% - 2.51GAA - 17SO

Belfour joined the Maple Leafs after a long career with the Blackhawks, Sharks, and Stars. Replacing Curtis Joseph who left for the Detroit Red Wings, Belfour would play three seasons in Toronto, though he was here less than 200 games he remains in the top 10 for most Maple Leafs goaltending records. He would enter the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2011.

Hugh Bolton (1950-52)
Stats: 73GP - 4G - 16A - 20Pts - 77PM

Bolton wore four numbers over his various call ups from the minors. After 1954 he would stick with the Leafs full time for a couple seasons.

David Booth (2014-15)
Stats: 73GP - 4G - 16A - 20Pts - 77PM

A Michigan State grad, he spent most of his career with the Panthers and Canucks. He played one season with the Leafs, and then spent the next two in the KHL. He is currently playing with the Detroit Red Wings.

Bill Burega (1955-56)
Stats: 4GP - 0G - 1A - 1Pt - 4PM

Mostly played senior hockey, after a few years in the AHL which saw one call up to the Leafs.

Larry Cahan (1954-56)
Stats: 80GP - 0G - 8A - 8Pts - 110PM

He spent one and a half seasons with the Leafs and two with their AHL affiliate in Pittsburgh. He would catch on with the Rangers, Kings, and Seals later in his career.

Frank Corrado (2015-17)
Stats: 41GP - 1G - 5A - 6Pts - 32PM

A fan favourite(?) who spent a lot of time in the press box, Corrado was claimed off waivers from the Canucks, and would be traded to the Penguins at last years trade deadline.

Bill Derlago (1980)
Stats: 23GP - 5G - 12A - 17Pts - 313PM

Derlago came to the Leafs in a trade from the Canucks midway through the 79-80 season, along with Rick Vaive for Tiger Williams and Jerry Butler. The following season he would switch to #19, which he would keep for the next five and a half seasons.

Jeff Farkas (2001-02)
Stats: 6GP - 0G - 2A - 2Pts - 4PM

Farkas was a third round pick, and joined the Maple Leafs after finishing his NCAA career. He played mostly in St. John’s but was called up each season until he was traded to the Canucks in the 2002 off season for Josh Holden.

Christian Hanson (2008-2011)
Stats: 42GP - 3G - 6A - 9Pts - 22PM

An NCAA free agent, Hanson played with the Leafs and Marlies until his contract ran out and then he would play in the minors for a few more seasons.

Ralph Intranuovo (1996-97)
Stats: 3GP - 0G - 1A - 1Pt - 0PM

Claimed off waivers from the Oilers, Ralph would play most of the year in the AHL. He would play two years in the minors after the Leafs then go off to Europe.

Mike Johnson (1996-2000)
Stats: 226GP - 48G - 72A - 120Pts - 86PM

Johnson joined the Leafs after four years at Bowling Green State, and stayed for four seasons until being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning along with Marek Posmyk and picks for Darcy Tucker and picks. Johnson would play for the Lightning, Coyotes, Canadiens, and Blues before retiring and going into broadcasting. He is currently working at TSN.

Terry Johnson (1986-87)
Stats: 48GP - 0G - 1A - 1Pt - 104PM

Acquired from the Flames for Jim Korn, Johnson played half the season, and was then let go as a free agent.

Mike Kaszycki (1980)
Stats: 25GP - 4G - 4A -8Pt - 10PM

Brought to Toronto midway through the 79-80 season from the Capitals for Pat Ribble, he would switch numbers with each call up from the St. Catharines Saints. After the Leafs he would go and play in Europe.

Mark Kirton (1979-81)
Stats: 13GP - 1G - 0A - 1Pt - 2PM

A third round pick, he would spend most of his time tiwth the New Brunswick Hawks of the AHL, and claimed on waivers by the Red Wings in the 80-81 season.

Jim Korn (1981-85)
Stats: 197GP - 26G - 43A - 69Pts - 708PM

Korn would be the Leafs enforcer through the early 80’s, racking up just over 700 penalty minutes in under 200 games. He would sit out the 85-86 season, then join the Buffalo Sabres.

Alexei Kudashov (1993-94)
Stats: 25GP - 1G - 0A -1Pt - 4PM

Kudashov played out his ELC in North America, making only one appearance with the Leafs. He would returned to Europe after that. He is currently head coach of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl in the KHL.

Paul Lawless (1988-90)
Stats: 13GP - 0G - 1A -1Pt - 0PM

Acquired from the Canucks in exchange for the rights to Peter Deboer, Lawless played two seasons between the Leafs and the minors, leaving for the Swiss league in the 89-90 season.

Don Luce (1981-82)
Stats: 39GP - 4G - 4A -8Pts - 32PM

Brought in during the 1981 off season, for Bob Gladney and a 6th round pick, Luce played half the season with the Leafs, in his final pro season. He would then spend 30+ years with the Sabres, Flyers and Maple Leafs front offices.

Frank Mathers (1948-52)
Stats: 23GP - 1G - 3A -4Pts - 4PM

A career minor leaguer, Mathers was called up three times by the Leafs.

Kevin McClelland (1991-92)
Stats: 18GP - 0G - 1A -1Pt - 33PM

Signed with the Leafs as a free agent, he spent most of his time with the St. John’s Maple Leafs, then he would be traded to the Jets for cash in the 1993 off season. He’s now a head coach with the West Coast Renegades U18 team in Utah.

John McCormack (1947-1951)
Stats: 84GP - 12G - 13A - 25Pts - 2PM

McCormack spent most of his time in the minors, while being called up occasionally with the Leafs. He would be traded to the Canadiens for cash in 1951.

Dominic Moore (2017-Present)
Stats: 16GP - 3G - 4A - 7Pts - 4PM

Moore is back for his second stint with the Maple Leafs, signed as a free agent in the 2017 off season.

Garry Monahan (1970-74/78-79)
Stats: 375GP - 55G - 80A - 135Pts - 274PM

A first round draft pick by he Canadiens, he would only play 14 games there before playing for the Red Wings and Kings, then being traded to the Maple Leafs in 1970 for Bob Pulford. He’d play four seasons with the Leafs and one game into the 74-75 season he would be traded to the Canucks for Dave Dunn. He would be returned to the Leafs for cash ahead of the 78-79 season. After that season he would play three seasons in Japan.

Zdenek Nedved (1995-96)
Stats: 7GP - 1G - 1A - 2Pts - 6PM

A 5th round pick by the Leafs, Nedved played three seasons in the minors, being called up each season. After spending the 97-98 season in the minors, he would return to the Czech Republic.

Mike Pelyk (1977-78)
Stats: 41GP - 1G - 11A - 12Pts - 14PM

Pelyk’s final season with the Leafs was split with the Tulsa Oilers, after this season he would retire.

Bobby Reynolds (1989-90)
Stats: 7GP - 1G - 1A - 2Pts - 0PM

A 10th round pick in 1985, Reynolds joined the Leafs after finishing his NCAA career with Michigan State. He only played seven Leafs game, and spent most of his career in the minors and Europe.

Joe Sacco (1990-91)
Stats: 20GP - 0G - 5A - 5Pts - 2PM

His first pro season out of college was split between Newmarket and Toronto. He would switch to #24 the next season.

Al Secord (1987-89)
Stats: 114GP - 20G - 37A - 57Pts - 292PM

Al Secord came to the Leafs with Ed Olczyk from the Blackhawks for Bob McGill, Steve Thomas, and Rick Vaive. A first round pick for the Bruins, he would stick with the Leafs until being traded to the Flyers for 5th round pick.

David Steckel (2011-13)
Stats: 89GP - 8G - 6A - 14Pts - 10PM

Brought over from the Devils for a 4th round pick, Steckel would play one and a half seasons for the Leafs before being traded to the Ducks for Ryan Lasch and a 7th round pick.

Rich Sutter (1995)
Stats: 18GP - 0G - 3A - 3Pts - 10PM

Each NHL team needs a Sutter, and Rich was the Leafs. Rich would join the Leafs from the Lightning for cash at the 1995 trade deadline in his final season as a player. He is currently a scout with the Columbus Blue Jackets.


Who was the best #20 for the Maple Leafs?

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