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WATCH: James van Riemsdyk scores the Maple Leafs 20,000th goal.

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On the anniversary of the first Maple Leafs goal, another milestone is reached.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

100 years ago, on December 19th, 1917 the Toronto Arenas played the Montreal Wanderers to a 10-9 loss. In that game the first goal in Arenas franchise history was scored.

Today, in a game against the Carolina Hurricanes, Jams van Riemsdyk scored the 20,000 goal in Maple Leafs history*.

The first period of this game saw the Leafs score four goals - one more than they scored on their road trip last week - and the third goal would be the historic one.

The * up there refers to the fact that the NHL counts shootout winning goals as, well, goals since the winning team is awarded one goal for the victory. Some people feel this shouldn’t be the case, because the shootout is bad and terrible and we can never accept it, so Leafs Twitter found out the total minus shootout wins, and that is 19,948.

It’s too bad for you because it’s the NHL’s league and record book and rules, so the Leafs are now at 20,000, like it or lump it.


Should shootout winning goals count as goals?

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