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Maple Leafs by the Numbers: #12 Ron Stewart

A three time cup winner gets the #12 spot.

Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Another number with just one choice, #12 belongs to a three time cup winner.

Ron Stewart (1952-65)
Stats: 838GP - 186G - 182A - 368Pts - 413PM
Awards: Stanley Cup - 1962, 63, 64

Stewart joined the Leafs as a centre in the 52-53 season, and would go on to play 13 seasons in the blue and white. He won three Stanley Cups with the Maple Leafs in the 60’s, and never played fewer than 51 games in a season, while averaging over 60 for his Leafs career.

Stewart wasn’t a flashy player but was one of the longest serving Leafs, sitting 10th in the games played list. After his time with the Leafs, Stewart would play for the Bruins, Blues, Rangers, and Islanders. During his time with the Rangers, Stewart and Rangers team mate Terry Sawchuk were drinking and arguing about the house they were renting together on Long Island. As they fought, Sawchuk was injured when he fell on Stewarts knee, and aftersurgery to remove a damaged gallbladder, Sawchuk passed away, but not before making sure Stewart was not held responsible for his death.

After Stewart retired, he tried coaching, serving as an assistant for the Rangers and Kings, but it wasn’t for him and he fully retired from hockey after two seasons of being behind the bench.

Other 12’s

Serge Boisvert (1982-83)
Stats: 17GP - 0G - 2A - 2Pts - 4PM

After three years in the minors, Boisvert had a call up with the Leafs, but didn’t stick. He had a few more call ups with the Canadiens, but would leave for Europe after the 87-88 season and never look back. He’s currently working as a scout for the Canadiens.

Laurie Boschman (1979-82)
Stats: 187GP - 39G - 70A - 109Pts - 406PM

A 1979 first round pick for the Maple Leafs, Boschman joined the Leafs that year and played two and a half seasons in Toronto, until he was traded to the Edmonton Oilers for Phil Drouillard and Walt Poddubny. Boschman would go on to have a long career with the Jets and become the first captain of the Ottawa Senators.

Connor Brown (2016-17)
Stats: 82GP - 20G - 16A - 36Pts - 10PM

Brown’s first full NHL season came in the year of the rookies. He would play all 82 games, and score 20 goals, something most people didn’t think would happen. He gave up #12 for Patrick Marleau in the off-season.

Wayne Carleton (1965-66)
Stats: 2GP - 0G - 1A - 1Pt - 0PM

Carleton played two games for the Leafs after the junior season was over, and would return to the Leafs the following season, but would make the switch to #25.

Tim Connolly (2011-12)
Stats: 70GP - 13G - 23A - 36Pts - 40PM

After a nine year career with the Buffalo Sabres, Tim Connolly joined the Leafs as a free agent. He played one season, but before the 2013 season began he was waived and sent to the Marlies.

Brandon Convery (1995-97)
Stats: 50GP - 7G - 10A - 17Pts - 4PM

A 1992 first round pick for the Maple Leas, Convery would spend most of his time with the St. John’s Maple Leafs, before being traded to the Canucks for Lonny Bohonos.

Paul Fenton (1990-91)
Stats: 30GP - 5G - 10A - 15Pts - 0PM

Fenton joined the Leafs with Dave Ellett from the Jets for Ed Olczyk and Mark Osborne. Later in the season he would be sent to the Capitals with John Kordic for a 5th round pick. He is currently the assistant general manager of the Nashville Predators.

Tom Fitzgerald (2002-04)
Stats: 135GP - 11G - 23A - 34Pts - 109PM

Fitzgerald joined the Leafs after captaining the Predators for four years. He would play two seasons in Toronto, then play one with the Bruins before retiring. He is currently the assistant general manager of the New Jersey Devils.

Fern Flaman (1950-52)
Stats: 100GP - 2G - 13A - 15Pts - 174PM
Awards: Stanley Cup - 1951

Fern joined the Leafs in a six player trade with the Bruins early in the 50-51 season, and win the Stanley Cup with the Leafs that year. He would switch to #3 after the 51-52 season, play two more years before being traded back to the Bruins for Dave Creighton. After retiring he would coach Northeastern University for 19 seasons (1970-1989) then scout for the Devils until 2012.

Jim Harrison (1969-71)
Stats: 109GP - 20G - 30A - 50Pts - 144PM

Acquired from the Bruins for Wayne Carleton, Harrison played two seasons in #12 until switching to #7 for one season. After that he would jump to the Alberta Oilers of the WHA.

Larry Hopkins (1977-78)
Stats: 2GP - 0G - 0A - 0Pts - 0PM

Hopkins joined the Leafs for two games after his UofT career was over.

Jeff Jackson (1984-85/86-87)
Stats: 72GP - 8G - 8A - 16Pts - 88PM

A second round pick for from 1983, Jackson was up and down most of his Leafs career. He finally stuck in the 86-87 season, but would be traded to the Rangers for Mark Osborne then. He would be the Leafs assistant general manager from 2006-2010.

Wes Jarvis (1984-85)
Stats: 26GP - 0G - 1A - 1Pt - 88PM

Jarvis’ biggest call up to the Leafs was his first, 26 games! He would go up and down between the Leafs and Saints wearing a different number with each call up.

Mike Kaszycki (1982-83)
Stats: 22GP - 1G - 13A - 14Pts - 10PM

His final NHL call up lasted 22 games. He would play one more full season with the Saints, and then move on to playing in Switzerland.

Kris King (1997-2000)
Stats: 188GP - 7G - 9A - 16Pts - 359PM

King joined the Maple Leafs for two and a half seasons near the end of his career. He split the 99-00 season with the Leafs and Chicago Wolves. After leaving as a free agent he played 13 games for the Blackhawks before deciding to retire than be sent to the minors. He is currently the NHL’s senior vice president of hockey operations.

Billy MacMillan (1971-72)
Stats: 61GP - 10G - 7A - 17Pts - 39PM

MacMillan played two seasons for the Leafs, before being taken by the Atlanta Flames in the expansion draft.

Patrick Marleau (2017-Present)
Stats: 28GP - 10G - 7A - 17Pts - 8PM

After 19 seasons with the San Jose Sharks, Patrick Marleau signed a three year contract with the Maple Leafs in the 2017 off season. He’s been playing well for a 39 year old, and should stay on pace for a very good season.

Gary McAdam (1985-86)
Stats: 15GP - 1G - 6A - 7Pts - 0PM

McAdam’s final stop in the NHL was with the Maple Leafs, he spent most of the season in the AHL, but got one last call up.

Dale McCourt (1983-84)
Stats: 72GP - 19G - 24A - 43Pts - 10PM

McCourt was claimed off waivers from the Sabres early in the 83-84 season. He would play almost all of the games with the Maple Leafs, and after the season was over he would go to play in Switzerland for 9 seasons.

Larry Mickey (1968-69)
Stats: 55GP - 8G - 19A - 27Pts - 43PM

Played one season with the Leafs in between time with the Rangers and Canadiens.

Mark Osborne (1986-91)
Stats: 266GP - 70G - 130A - 200Pts - 321PM

Acquired from the Rangers for Jeff Jackson and a 3rd round pick, Osborne played five seasons with the Maple Leafs until early in the 90-91 season when he and Ed Olczyk were sent to the Jets for Dave Ellett and Paul Fenton. He would return at the end of the 91-92 season, and pick up #21.

Rob Pearson (1991-94)
Stats: 192GP - 49G - 42A - 91Pts - 458PM

The second of three first round picks the Maple Leafs drafted from the Belleville Bulls in 1989, Pearson played on the Leafs right wing for three seasons until being traded with a 1st round pick to the Capitals for Mike Ridley and a 1st.

Walt Poddubny (1982)
Stats: 11GP - 3G - 4A - 7Pts - 8PM

Joining the Leafs from the Oilers with Phil Drouillard in exchange for Laurie Boschman, Poddubny wore #12 for the remainder of the 81-82 season. He’d stay with the Leafs for four seasons.

Mason Raymond (2013-14)
Stats: 82GP - 19G - 26A - 45Pts - 22PM

After a couple down years with the Canucks, Raymond signed with the Leafs off a PTO in camp. He had a great year and used that to get a multi-year deal from the Flames the following season.

Stephane Robidas (2014-15)
Stats: 52GP - 1G - 6A - 7Pts - 34PM

Robidas signed a 3 year deal with the Leafs after a year with the Stars where he broke his leg. Twice. He was deemed unable to play the following two seasons, and is now an assistant in the player development department with the Maple Leafs.

Doug Shedden (1990-91)
Stats: 23GP - 8G - 10A - 18Pts - 10PM

Signed with the Leafs in the 1988 off-season, Shedden got a couple call ups over three seasons. He would play one more season in the minors and one in Italy before retiring.

Lorne Stamler (1978-79)
Stats: 45GP - 4G - 3A - 7Pts - 2PM

Arriving to the Leafs in a six player deal with the Kings, Stamler split the season between the NHL and AHL. He would spend most of his career in the minors after his time with the Leafs.

Pete Stemkowski (1965-68)
Stats: 184GP - 24G - 49A - 73Pts - 212PM
Awards: Stanley Cup - 1967

Stemkowski played two and a half seasons in #12 for the Leafs, winning the 1967 Stanley Cup. He would be traded to the Red Wings in an eight player deal near the end of the 67-68 season.

Lee Stempniak (2008-10)
Stats: 123GP - 25G - 36A - 61Pts - 49PM

Acquired from the Blues for Carlo Colaiacovo and Alexander Steen, early in the 08-09 season, he would be traded away at the 2010 deadline, to the Coyotes in exchange for Matt Jones and two picks.

Steve Thomas (1984-85)
Stats: 18GP - 1G - 1A - 2Pts - 2PM

Thomas wore #12 in his first couple games as a Leaf. He spent most of this season in the minors.

Errol Thompson (1972-78)
Stats: 364GP - 126G - 119A - 245Pts - 70PM

A 1970 2nd round pick, he picked up #12 when he made the Leafs full time and wore it for five and a half seasons, until he would be traded with two 1st round picks, and a 2nd to the Red Wings for a 2nd round pick and Dan Maloney.

Dixon Ward (1994-95)
Stats: 22GP - 0G - 3A - 3Pts - 31PM

Ward came to the Leafs in a seven player deal with the Kings at the start of the 93-94 season. He split the season between the AHL, IHL, and NHL. He would sign with the Sabres in the off-season and spend five seasons there.


Who was the best #12 for the Maple Leafs?

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    Connor Brown
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    Tim Connolly
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    Patrick Marleau
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    Dale McCourt
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    Larry Mickey
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    Mark Osborne
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    Rob Pearson
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    Walt Poddubny
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    Mason Raymond
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    Stephane Robidas
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    Doug Shedden
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    Lorne Stamler
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    Pete Stemkowski
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    Lee Stempniak
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    Steve Thomas
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    Errol Thompson
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    Dixon Ward
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