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Women’s World Championships Preview: Gold is on the line

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Clash of the titans yet again, while Harss meets Räty to fight for bronze

United States v Canada - 2017 IIHF Women's World Championship Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

12:00pm Relegation Game 3: Switzerland vs Czech Republic

As previously discussed this series may not end with actual relegation, simply determining the 7th and 8th seeds. However, every time these two teams meet it’s a hard-fought game. So far, only one match between them has ended with a goal difference above one.

3:35pm Bronze Medal Game: Finland vs Germany

While this is the highest Germany has ever finished at Worlds, neither team had a good day yesterday and they’re likely to take it out on each other. Harss and Räty have been two of the best goalies of the tournament, and there is no question that either team would have come this far without them. Finland is without question the better team here, but they lost to Russia, one of the teams Germany beat to get to this game. Germany has a chance and you’d better believe they are going to give their all to try and take it. Will this end up in a lopsided Finnish shutout or a tight one-goal game? (live, TSN2)

7:35pm Gold Medal Game: USA vs Canada

It was a little dicey there for a minute but this is how everyone expected this game to shake out. Team USA hasn’t lost a game this tournament. They’re defending their title and they want a storybook ending to the boycott story. Canada is trying to prove they can shut down that juggernaut. Shannon Szabados beat Noora Räty, but to really earn the title of best goalie in the tournament, she has to beat the US as well. Who will win? Who knows. But it’s going to be fantastic hockey. (live, TSN 4/5, NHL Network and