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Will Butcher won’t sign with the Maple Leafs on Tuesday

Or anywhere else.

2017 NCAA Div I Men's Ice Hockey Championships Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

August 15 is the day unsigned NCAA players with rights expiring come on the market. We all know that. Except it’s not true. August 15 is the last day their draft rights are held:

... the Club shall retain the exclusive right of negotiation for such Player's services through and including the August 15 following the date on which he ceases to be a bona fide college student.

ARTICLE 8.6 C II of the CBA

So it’s really August 16 that deals can be signed, and since it’s not the July 1 feeding frenzy, it doesn’t usually happen in the middle of the night. The incredible, long and epic saga of Jimmy Vesey and his quest for a home was ended on August 19 last year.

So whoever (Chicago) lands the DU defender Will Butcher, it won’t happen until Wednesday.

Also on the market is Toronto draft pick Dominic Toninato, who will likely get some attention.

The following list provided by CapFriendly has the rest of the potential players, but none stand out like Butcher.

Toronto might land Butcher, but it seems very unlikely. Like with Jimmy Vesey, they aren’t going to guarantee a roster spot, and they have a multitude of left-shooting defenders already. It would be more reasonable to think the Leafs wanted centre Toninato and were making a pitch to him, than that they’d sign Butcher.