Dominic Toninato, recent graduate of the University of Minnesota-Duluth was drafted by the Leafs in the fifth round in 2012.  He was, it now seems, erroneously rumoured to be about to sign a deal only a few days ago:

So we have a Toronto reporter who has interviewed Toninato recently vs a Duluth reporter who is quoting him as of now we have to presume.  So it seems reasonable, pending any clarification on who said what to who and when, that this ship has sailed and Toninato is not coming to Toronto.

The Leafs have an SPC logjam.  They are at 46 SPCs for the current year, and they have 3 qualifying offers outstanding to RFAs.  If they sign all three, and there’s no reason to think any of them won’t be signed, that’s 49 contracts until someone is moved.

That’s not full, but it might as well be. No one wants to go into training camp with no ability to sign a player or take someone on waivers.

Toninato’s former teammate Tony Cameranesi stayed in the Leafs organization last year on an AHL contract, but played a lot in Orlando.  Toninato may have been offered the same deal and balked at it.  He is a centre, has good stats on a good team, and will likely be sought after come mid-August.