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GDT: Get ready for a Friday night party with the Devils

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New Jersey is here, and the Leafs had better be ready for them.

Columbus Blue Jackets v New Jersey Devils
The best Devil ever.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

It’s game night! The first of a back-to-back, so the Leafs need to play a smart game, get a lead early and then turtle for the second half, icing the puck every five seconds. No, wait, that was last game.

Oh, to hell with it, they’re young, they can take it: Go all out and score 10 goals.

Your preview is here:

And remember, this is the HHOF game, so you can fill the time while they have a ceremony with these two stories on two of tonight’s inductees:

If you want to multitask, tonight you can watch the Marlies game free on Facebook. Very good timing on this choice of game.

The Marlies have Trevor Moore back for this weekend’s set of games in Belleville. He is the Marlies top scorer with 11 points in 10 games. The Marlies are doing a very good job of spreading the offence throughout their lineup, and they've been scoring more lately, but not enough overall. They have 11 players with five points or more, but are sitting in the middle of the pack in the AHL standings with a .500 points percentage.

The Newfoundland Growlers are playing at home tonight, so by the time the Leafs game starts, they’ll be well underway. They’ve had a good season so far and are in first place in the ECHL (caveat is that they’ve played more games than anyone else).

Growlers forwards Brady Ferguson and Giorgio Estephan are first and fourth in ECHL points. Stefan LeBlanc is fourth in points for defenders. Michael Garteig has a good save percentage of .921, and is the only goalie to have played 10 games. His backup, Mario Culina (who wouldn’t even be there without the injury to Kasimir Kaskisuo in the AHL) is 13th for other goalies with two games played and a .923 save percentage.

That’s all that’s going on tonight, so, Go Leafs Go!