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Pyeongchang 2018: USA wins gold in a shootout 3-2

Canada settles for silver in the first gold medal shootout in Olympic women’s hockey history.

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The United States celebrates after defeating Canada in a shootout to win the Women’s Gold Medal Game on day thirteen of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Gangneung Hockey Centre on February 22, 2018 in Gangneung, South Korea. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Canada vs USA

Goalies tonight are Maddie Rooney for the USA and Shannon Szabados for Canada. For those wondering, Meghan Duggan didn’t get any supplementary discipline for the knee on knee in the semi-final that she didn’t get a penalty for during the game, so that’s reassuring that the IIHF cares about player safety.

First period

Top line against top line, none of Laura Schuler’s “rookie line starts” shenanigans, this is the real deal.

USA gets possession first but it’s broken up by Meghan Agosta before there’s a shot that gets to net. Canada gets into the US zone but the first “shot” is a clearing attempt by Canada that slides down to Rooney.

Mélodie Daoust goes on one with with Megan Keller but can’t get around her to get a shot. First official shot of the game is Blayre Turnbull attempting a wraparound over three minutes into the period.

Shannon Szabados goes for a walk behind her net to play the puck and really Shannon the country doesn’t need that collective heart attack, thank you.

The US are called offside. We’re over five minutes in and no American shots. Meanwhile Agosta bangs away at the side of Rooney’s net.

Kendall Coyne speeds in and sends it back to Kacey Bellamy who shoots wide. USA regroups and Bellamy tries again and shoots wide again.

Natalie Spooner powers the puck into the US zone and centres it but no dice.

Amanda Kessel battles with Brigette Lacquette but can’t get away. Another player shoots wide on Szabados.

Mike Lee talks again about Agosta taking a year off from her job “without pay” as if she wasn’t getting paid for centralization like everyone else.

The US finally get two shots in quick succession. No surprise, one of them is Gigi Marvin, who has two goals in the tournament.

Agosta and Marie-Philip Poulin combine for a chance and then Poulin and Hilary Knight get into it a little after the whistle.

Jennifer Wakefield stands up Dani Cameranesi in the US zone and gets called for a bodycheck, USA goes on the power play. Brianna Decker shoots and misses, the Canadians get it out and get a change. The US try to get back in but Knight goes offside.

Cassie Campbell-Pascall voices an opinion I know Annie shares that Decker is a better player than Knight. [Ed. Note from Annie: Cassie Campbell-Pascall is wise]

Emily Pfalzer fires through traffic from the point but Szabados has it. The US cycle the puck and Jocelyne Lamoureux tries a shot. Szabados lets out a rebound but Lauriane Rougeau clears it.

Renata Fast carries the puck in for a 3 on 2 but Sidney Morin breaks it up.

The top line gets a number of chances on Rooney and things get dramatic but Rooney manages to keep everything out.

Canada gets another penalty, this one for interference by Jocelyne Larocque.

Laura Stacey carries the puck all the way in shorthanded and the US has to re-set. Board battle, then Bellamy feeds Morin for a shot. Canada gets it out, the top line makes an attempt, Canada gets the puck to the neutral zone. Attempt by Jocelyne Lamoureux but again, Canada gets it out.

Penalty expires, Poulin collides with an American but no call and Canada ices the puck.

Rougeau tries a wraparound with Agosta in front. The US put a long shot towards the Canadian net and Szabados fires it around the boards. Puck ends up in the benches.

Jennifer Wakefield is in alone and gets her shot blocked by Bellamy.

Decker to Coyne to Knight and the puck comes out. Poulin gets a shot and a rebound.

Jocelyne Lamoureux and Cayla Barnes get a chance with Monique Lamoureux in front. She tries to jam in the rebound but Szabados gloves it.

Another penalty for Canada because why not. Sarah Nurse called for interference behind the play after an uncalled slash by Amanda Pelkey. Stacey Livingston, the American who was allowed to ref the gold medal game between Canada and the US in Salt Lake City is referenced by the broadcast.

Morin gets a point shot but no one gets the rebound. She gets another and Knight is in front to deflect it in, the US is on the board first and Canada’s perfect penalty kill record is broken. 1-0 USA. There’s some discussion of whether Knight was in the blue paint but it looks like not. Secondary assist to Decker.

Poulin gets a shot in but no dice.

Shots 10-7 for the US and now they want to inflict Don fucking Cherry on me, no thank you.

Second period

Coyne comes in at her usual high speed pace but turns it over. Canada gets into the American zone and the US is called for icing getting it out.

Kessel gets in on Szabados but shoots high.

Puck is cleared and Rebecca Johnston races Barnes to negate the icing, Barnes takes her down with no call.

Canada gets their revenge seconds later as Turnbull carries the puck in and gets it on net and Haley Irwin is there to tap it in to tie the game. 1-1.

Poulin is called for tripping, which considering the number of times she’s been down on the ice due to an American is a joke. Canada clears the puck quickly. Coyne brings it back in and the puck pops into the benches.

Canada gets it in shorthanded but it gets back in to the Canadian zone. Couple of board battles before a bit of a mess in front of Szabados, who keeps it out.

Shot by Hannah Brandt stopped by Szabados. Clark clears the puck out to end the kill.

Agosta gets a pass and takes the puck in but can’t centre it.

The Americans aren’t getting called for anything, this is getting ridiculous.

Johnston gets a chance dead on but Rooney sees it all the way.

Some back and forth before Knight gets a shot, turned away by Szabados. Pfalzer shot deflected but Szabados is there. Canada gets it out but the US brings it back in.

Brandt turns it over and Agosta brings it into the US zone. She gets it to Poulin, who buries the shot, 2-1. The US seems to discuss a challenge but refrains from actually doing so.

Cameranesi sends a shot wide.

Larocque takes a stick to the face by Kessel, no call. Jennifer Wakefield is called offside.

We get footage of the Calgary Inferno watching the game, and Poulin’s hometown of Beauceville as well. Everyone is very happy.

Bellamy just misses, and Szabados is a little under siege for a couple of seconds but the US can’t score. Canada is called for icing.

Knight throws a puck in front that comes back to the blueline. Knight gets another chance and Szabados gets a hell of a glove save.

Canada gets a 3 on 2, Keller loses an edge so 3 on 1 and a half. Fast shoots when she should maybe have passed to Jillian Saulnier, and Rooney has it. Saulnier is apparently playing injured.

Spooner and Turnbull get the puck out and go for a change.

Stacey is knocked down by M Lamoureux but no call because of course not. I joked the other day that in Canada-US games, the officials are a secondary obstacle. I meant for both teams but tonight, the secondary obstacle is mostly against Canada.

Morin loses her stick and interferes with Johnston and we finally have a delayed penalty to the US. Canada pressures with the extra player but can’t beat Rooney before the whistle goes and the penalty is actually called. Official call is “illegal hit” (bodycheck).

Canada’s power play is relentless and they keep it in the US zone until Irwin’s called for a crease violation. They bring it back in and continue the pressure. Bunch of shots and chances. Kessel eventually gets the puck out with less than 30 seconds left in the penalty.

Lee continues the erroneous narrative of Brigette Lacquette, first Indigenous player because apparently CBC just doesn’t understand the difference between “First Nations” and “Indigenous”. (Again, Jocelyne Larocque, current alternate captain, with over 100 international games with the senior team, is Métis, which negates the “first Indigenous claim.)

Daoust is called for a slash on M Lamoureux and Canada’s back on the kill with less than five minutes left in the period. Puck comes out of play, US has some trouble getting set up after that. Kessel gets a shot through traffic but Szabados has no trouble stopping it. Canada gets the puck deep a couple of times consecutively.

Renata Fast lives up to her name by keeping up with Coyne and keeping her away from the net. Knight gets a few more chances before the penalty expires.

Back at even strength a puck nearly goes in off of Fast but Szabados has it handled. The US is keeping Canada in their own zone. Johnston gets it back out briefly but is thwarted by Barnes.

M Lamoureux nails Jenner into the boards from behind. Boarding signalled but the call is initially bodychecking, before it’s corrected on the scoresheet. Again, the Canadian power play is intense. Johnston gets a couple of shots but Rooney has the puck.

Bellamy and Decker come in shorthanded but Nurse and others keep them away from the net. Canada doesn’t really get set up again after that and Szabados nearly gets caught behind the net as the penalty expires but she gets the puck away and herself back into her net before the horn sounds to end the period.

US outshooting Canada again, 12-9.

Third period

Canada gets possession first. USA gets it back but can’t get out of the neutral zone.

Johnston gets a shot on net with Wakefield in front but Wakefield loses an edge.

Hannah Brandt gets the puck into the Canadian zone but loses it to a Canadian player and after some board battles it comes out.

US gets it back in and almost gets something going before it’s broken up. Spooner tries to get something happening at the other end but no luck.

Marvin gets a shot on Szabados but no luck.

Duggan comes in offside.

The broadcast talks about Lauriane Rougeau who is playing this game with a broken nose and black eye (none of us discussing this game know how this happens when wearing a face shield).

Agosta and Fast, and then Agosta and Daoust get chances on Rooney. The US come back 2 on 1 but Szabados poke checks it away. Poulin hits Decker on the play and Decker’s down on the ice. Medical staff take her off the ice. No penalty on the play and if anyone wants to complain about that I direct you to the semi finals. Sometimes the refs fail in your favour and sometimes the refs fail the other way.

USA pour the pressure on but Canada gets it out.

Marvin tries to get the puck on net but can’t deal with Mikkelson.

Stacey sends a rolling puck to Rooney. There’s some shoving after the whistle.

Agosta gets a shot off the ensuing faceoff.

Poulin intercepts a pass from Knight and gets the puck in but her line needs a change.

Mikkelson gets a turnover in the US zone but brings the puck out and sends it back in offside.

Lamoureux (one of them, don’t ask which) gets a shot but there’s no one there for the rebound.

Scramble at the side of the Canadian net and it takes a moment for Szabados to cover the puck.

Laura Stacey gets a shot wide. Laura Fortino just misses. Nurse gets a shot. Canada wants another goal bad. The US get it out but not for long.

Irwin gets a turnover and takes it in deep.

Kessel gets a shot on Szabados and Cameranesi gets the rebound. Kessel gets another chance. Szabados deals with everything. Half a period left.

Daoust plays the puck in deep but the US brings it back in get a couple of chances. Stacey gets it out a couple of times. Jenner and Duggan go at it on the boards and the US get it but come in offside.

Fast has some trouble with Decker in the Canadian zone as they go for a skate around the net. The puck stays in and there’s traffic in front but the Americans can’t get a shot off.

Agosta comes in offside and the US gets more zone time.

Spooner gets the puck in but no opportunity.

Fast goes up against Monique Lamoureux. She has looked really good in this game. Hoping to see her back for the Furies.

Stacey and Nurse get a 2 on 1 that Rooney handles. Monique Lamoureux gets a breakaway and goes one on one with Szabados. She doesn’t miss. All tied up at 2-2. Assist to Kelly Pannek.

Six and a half minutes to go in the period. Daoust to Agosta, save by Rooney.

Decker and Larocque battle for the puck in the Canadian zone. Kessel gets it back, Cameranesi gets a shot and Szabados looks great again.

Emily Clark is called for a trip in the US zone so it’s an American power play with 4:11 to go.

Shot by Bellamy, pad save by Szabados. Agosta takes it in shorthanded and Rooney makes the save. High shot by Barnes, gloved by Szabados. Rolling puck smothered by Szabados. Barnes shot blocked by Jenner. J Lamoureux shot, blocker save. Stecklein shot off Johnston’s stick. Penalty expires.

Johnston gets a shot from the blueline.

Poulin to 3, shot blocked.

Decker shot save. Daoust gets the puck in.

US have possession in the Canadian zone but send the puck offside, just over 30 seconds left.

Jenner gets an opportunity but no shot. Mikkelson dumps it in as the horn sounds. To the shock of no one, the game is going to overtime again.

US still leading on the shot clock, 10-8.


Four on four. US get possession first.

Agosta gets it out and Canada needs a change.

Cameranesi gets it in but loses control.

Jenner gets a shot on Rooney. Canada loses the puck and Szabados sends it back in.

Flanigan with a shot wide.

Daoust gets the puck in but Canada’s keeping shifts short so she’s off.

Couple of shot attempts for USA and then Canada gets it out. Agosta shot handled.

Johnston gets a shot.

US dumps it in for a change.

Cameranesi sends it just wide.

Things go back and forth in the neutral zone for a few moments before coming back into the Canadian zone.

The rookies get it in deep.

Flanigan brings it back in for the US with Knight.

Poulin comes in but is checked.

J Lamoureux gets a shot dead centre on Szabados.

Coyne in 1 on 3.

Johnston gets it in deep.

Daoust comes in with Spooner.

Flanagan sends it through the slot.

Icing against Canada.

Keller a long shot that Szabados basically doesn’t need to deal with.

Agosta loses the puck at the US blueline.

Johnston, Jenner and Fortino get a 3 on 2 but Rooney gets a piece of it.

Nurse carries it out but is checked by Lee Stecklein.

Agosta comes in offside.

US comes in offside, Poulin gets the puck.

Canada tries to re-set in their own zone but can’t get the puck into the offensive zone under control.

Spooner and Fortino come in, Spooner gets a shot.

US getting more shot attempts and more time in the offensive zone with possession.

Clark gets a turnover but Bellamy forces her off.

High shot by Cameranesi that Szabados gloves for a whistle.

Another US shot gloved by Szabados.

Johnston comes in with Jenner but loses the puck to Stecklein.

Knight sends a puck wide.

Bellamy to Pannek but Fortino forces her away.

Rougeau gets the puck in deep.

Poulin to Larocque.

Breakaway by Keller but Szabados stops her.

Coyne to Pfalzer but Szabados pokes it away before they can connect.

Shot by Barnes.

Outlet pass to Jenner who loses it in her skates.

Johnston brings it in but is checked.

US come in offside.

Daoust chops at the puck around the US net.

J Lamoureux loses the puck in front of the Canadian net.

Coyne shot deflected.

Bellamy shot saved by Szabados.

Fortino sends the puck out.

Canada looking tired.

Pfalzer shot saved by Szabados. Canada can’t get the puck out.

Stecklein shot held by Szabados, Canadians finally get a change.

Sarah Nurse carries the puck out and is tripped near the net but no call.

Pfalzer nearly gets a shot but is checked.

Keller checks Poulin into the boards and Canada has a power play with 1:35 to go.

Canada calls a timeout.

Lacquette loses an edge and the puck comes out, nearly a breakaway for the US.

Coyne gets the puck but can’t

Johnston shot off the post for Canada, close call for Rooney.

Johnston gets another shot.

Bellamy clears the puck deep and we’re going to a shootout.


Best of five. This is the first Olympic shootout in women’s hockey history (possibly in the gold medal game, unclear if it’s happened any other time, probably not).

Natalie Spooner: stopped

Gigi Marvin: scores five hole

Meghan Agosta: scores top shelf

Hannah Brandt: stopped

Marie-Philip Poulin: stopped

Emily Pfalzer: stopped

Mélodie Daoust: dekes and scores (Forsberg is mentioned)

Amanda Kessel: scores top shelf

Brianne Jenner: stopped

Hilary Knight: stopped

order switches for sudden death

Jocelyne Lamoureux: scores

Meghan Agosta: stopped

The USA takes gold 20 years from their last Olympic gold.

Another absolute classic. I hate the outcome, can’t hate the game (hated the officiating).

What’s next?

It will probably take at least a week or two before Olympians head back to league play, but the season isn’t over for women’s hockey, so if you liked what you saw this fortnight, here’s where to see more.

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This weekend
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Toronto Furies at Markham Thunder: Saturday February 24 7:30 pm EST
Les Canadiennes de Montréal at Vanke Rays: Sunday February 25 Monday February 26
Les Canadiennes de Montréal at Kunlun Red Star: Wednesday February 28, Friday March 2


Saturday March 10, Calgary Inferno at Canadiennes de Montréal, 5:30 pm EST Sportsnet

The Clarkson Cup Final takes place Sunday March 25th at Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto at noon and will also be live on Sportsnet. Tickets are $20 and going fast.

NWHL (possibly American Olympians)

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Boston Pride at Connecticut Whale Sunday February 25 2:30 pm EST
Buffalo Beauts at Metropolitan Riveters Sunday February 25 3:00 pm EST

Isobel Cup Final will be the weekend of March 24, location to be determined .

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The league schedule is available in Swedish here.

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Thanks for coming along on this ride with us, we hope you stick around.