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Watch: Mike Babcock addresses the media on Matthews, trade deadline and who will play centre

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Babcock is not certain which extra skater draws in for the game against Boston.

NHL: New York Islanders at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Key points:

  • Matthews is day-to-day, and that usually means a week or so
  • Expect more details tomorrow
  • Leivo is not a lock for the lineup, Martin’s name was mentioned
  • Nylander is not a lock for centre

One interesting quote is that Babcock refers to this situation as an opportunity for Nylander or Marleau or “whoever is going to play in the middle.” Not sure who is included in whoever, but the likely and simplest explanation is that now is a good time for Kadri and Bozak to bring their A games. But it makes you wonder.

Babcock did say later on that he is going to start with Nylander and see how that goes, and if he plays well, he stays.

Interestingly, the Maple Leafs official video of this scrum cuts out the part where he talks trade deadline. They do like to edit your experience for you when they provide these videos.

TSN to the rescue.

And this is the gist if you don’t want to see the video.