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GDT: Leafs vs. Panthers; Marlies vs. Rocket

What could go wrong? New goalie intereference procedures, of course!

2010 NHL Draft Portraits Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Marlies (47-18-1-1) vs. Laval Rocket (24-35-7-2)
7:00 pm ET

Laval is officially eliminated from the playoffs. Just like the LOLHABS!

Maple Leafs (45-24-7) vs. Panthers (39-28-7)
7:30 pm ET
TV: Sportsnet

Our game preview with lineups is here.

The Leafs can clinch a playoff spot tonight with a victory and some shenangians by the Avalanche later in the evening. The Pathers are desperate for a win to keep up with the Devils in the playoff Wild Card run. They won’t go down without a fight.

Fortunately we have Mitch Marner, whose eyes blaze like a Panthers as he leaps down the ice.

Keep in mind the new goaltender intereference procedures are in place tonight. Calls will now be made by an unknown entity in the NHL offices in Toronto.


A source has verified to PPP the identity of the goaltender interference reviewer.


Here’s what we wrote about today.

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I have it on good authority that Hardev is very hungry. Buy him a veggie dog if you see him at Ricoh Coliseum game tonight!