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Maple Leafs @ Devils Game Chat: Taylor Hall has HOW many more points than his teammates??

Taylor Hall has more of a point gap between him and the 2nd-best Devil than Milan Lucic has total points.

Toronto Maple Leafs v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Toronto Maple Leafs (48—25—7) @ New Jersey Devils (43—28—9)

7:00 pm EST


You can read our preview here.

You might have heard about Taylor Hall’s MVP case this season. He’s got a lot of points — not the most in the league, mind you, in fact he’s “only” 6th in the league with 93 points.

You might have heard of the infamous trade that sent Taylor Hall to the New Jersey Devils for Adam Larsson. There were many speculated reasons for the trade: the Oilers felt they couldn’t afford Hall along with all the other young superstars they had accumulated, they really felt they needed defense, Hall might have had an attitude problem, and maybe even substance abuse problems according to some good ol’ fashioned and totally never made up or exaggerated French Radio Rumour Mongering???

[Clutches pearls]

[Georges Laraque clutches them first]

[Georges Laraque tries to apologize for clutching pearls that are not his to clutch]

[Georges Laraque spits on my grandfather’s grave instead]

You might have ALSO heard that one of the common defenses for the Taylor Hall trade is that the trade REALLY was like trading Hall to get Larsson AND Milan Lucic and other players like that.

Did you know that Taylor Hall has 42 more points than the Devils player with the 2nd most points?

Did you know that Milan Lucic only has 34 points all year?

Did you know that Hall has basically been single handedly dragging the Devils into the playoffs while the Oilers have fallen to 25th place in the league?

Why, yes, I am a bit bored waiting for the Leafs to just get to the playoffs already, why do you ask?

Anyways the Leafs are playing the Devils tonight so Go Leafs Go, Buds All Day, etc.


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What is the most shocking part of Taylor Hall’s season?

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  • 21%
    42 points is as good as a decent 2nd line winger
    (20 votes)
  • 8%
    He’s assisted on more player goals than teams ice forwards every game
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  • 22%
    (21 votes)
  • 47%
    It would take Josh Leivo roughly 18,382 seasons to play enough games for the Leafs to get 42 points
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