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SBNation NHL Mock Draft Day 8

The 22nd, 23rd and 24th picks are in today’s recap.

NHL: NHL Draft
Who doesn’t want to meet Gary Bettman on draft day?
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Day 8 of the SBNation Mock NHL Draft took us right up to number 25. Now you can see what’s left for the Leafs to pick.

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The Vancouver Canucks site selected Noah Dobson with the number 7 pick. They haven’t got an article yet, so here’s a scouting report from another site:

2018 NHL Draft prospect: Defenceman Noah Dobson has size, speed & skill - Eyes On The Prize
A dual-threat defender, Dobson would be a great addition to any NHL team.

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Day 8 SBNation Mock Draft

Silver Sevens picked Jonatan Berggren, a high-scoring forward:

Berggren is an offensive dynamo, and has showed it both in international competitions for Sweden, and in his top domestic leagues. One of just seven forwards to play 10+ games in the SHL this year, the July-born Berggren spent much of the season tearing up Sweden’s top U20 junior league, the SuperElit. Here, he led all players in points (57) and points-per-game (1.50) and finished with 17 more points than his closest teammate.

Building off his success at the U17 World Championships last season, Berggren put up 10 points in 7 games at the U18s for his bronze-medal winning squad — finishing tied for third in tournament scoring, leading Sweden, and ranking ahead of top picks like Wahlstrom, Kotkaniemi, and Farabee. His 29 shots on goal tied with teammate Boqvist, and was just behind Wahlstrom, Farabee, and Finland’s Niklas Nordgren.

They did a great report on this interesting player who could fall to the Leafs in the real draft, so check that out.

Next up, the Ducks site, Anaheim Calling, went for Grigori Denisenko, a winger the Leafs scouts will know well, as he plays in the junior system of Yegor Korshkov’s club:

First off, we are under no impression the Ducks would actually take a Russian in the first round. They have not done so since Stanislav Chistov in 2001. But this is a mock draft and we are vicariously living through this fantasy.

Both myself and fellow staff writer Benny Thomasian teamed up on a four-part series covering this draft and Denisenko was essentially the only pick we agreed on. The kid has undeniable game breaking skill and is the only prospect with top-ten potential that could (and did in this instance) fall to the Ducks at 23.

Not drafting Russians is a foolish and unpleasant behaviour shared by more teams than the Ducks. If a player like this falls this far, I hope the Leafs grab him.

The Wild site, Hockey Wilderness selected Dominik Bokk, a controversial choice.

Bokk is a German hockey player that joined the Vaxjo Lakers HC of the SHL just last year. Putting up 41 points in 35 games at the J20 level, Bokk has made a name for himself in Sweden. Labeled as a high risk/high reward kind of player because of some questions on defense by Future Considerations, no one can dispute his amazing puck skills and “world-class skating.”

That’s an interesting way to phrase it. Corey Pronman recently said this:

And I agree. Either a player has the skills to warrant a certain ranking or he does not. And the idea that there is risk involved in a player who is missing an aspect of his game, well — that sounds like saying he’d be worth this ranking I’m giving him now if he improves.

Now, that said, Pronman loves Domink Bokk, so have a read of their scouting report and their comprehensive retelling of why they picked him, and you might love him too.

The next pick is #25! That’s us! And the article will go out this morning at 10 a.m. Also today are the 26th, 27th and 28th picks, and then we wrap this up tomorrow. We’ll recap both days for you.

Okay, who do you want the Leafs to pick, you have two hours to argue this, so get to it.