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A report links the Maple Leafs to Calvin de Haan

It might be possible that the Leafs aren’t done fleecing the Islanders of their talent.

New York Islanders v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

And the end result is....

I’m not sure if signing Calvin de Haan on top of John Tavares will make Kyle Dubas a Jedi, but it might come close.

So, I’m not vouching for the Fourth Period or David Pagnotta. I don’t know if he’s reliable. But this fits with Kyle Dubas’s comments today about veterans taking shorter deals for the joy of being a Maple Leaf.

It was a bit of an odd comment because we haven’t seen that happen.If anything, Patrick Marleau and Ron Hainsey got more term than was ideal.

So was Dubas talking about a deal yet to be made?

There’s some cap space left, particularly this season, and particularly if Matt Martin is traded now rather than later.

DeHaan is 27, coming off a deal that paid him a career-high $3.3 million in a season shortened by injury. That’s never a situation that makes your team happy with you.

If he is the man who will take short term, the Leafs will suddenly have a second pairing defender, albeit a lefty, who is a notch above Ron Hainsey. Who is also a lefty, so there’s precedent for ignoring the handedness when trying to get better.

It could happen! It might not, but are the Leafs done? I’ll discuss that in more depth tomorrow morning.