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Wednesday’s FTB: Who’s your favourite unsung player?

We all have those players we cheer for even if they aren’t the superstars.

Anaheim Ducks v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

If you’ve ever gotten into your favourite team so much you know who their top NCAA draft pick is (Joseph Woll!), or you have a local junior team you follow as closely as the Leafs, you’ve become attached to some players who never make it to the NHL full time, but you always wish them well.

Right now my guy is Andrew Agozzino. He’s a former Niagara IceDogs captain, and has been playing in the Colorado Avalanche farm system since leaving junior hockey - back when the Avs used the Lake Erie Monsters as their AHL team. He’s played a total of eleven NHL games over the past seven seasons and on Monday he scored his first NHL goal:

Agozzino was the IceDogs captain for their first run to the OHL final, was an awesome pest in the league - a player you hated to see on the other team, nut loved on yours - and along with Alex Friesen, was the heart of the team while they established themselves in Niagara.

When I first started to get into Maple Leafs prospects, Robbie Earl was the guy I always hoped would make the team. Don’t ask me why, he just was. Kind of like Dakota Joshua is now. I just like him.

So, today, let’s share our players we love that isn’t a major part of an NHL team.

Here’s the news.

Last night wasn’t the best game for the Leafs...

If Kucherov doesn’t win the Hart, what’s the point of the trophy?

[fart noises]

The players seem to already know who to look up to.

To answer the question: Not to be relocated in the summer

Hey, get off our Leafs rumors beat

Fake news

Enjoy your day everyone!