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Looking back at our pre-season predictions

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Only one person got the Cup winner correct.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Every year ahead of the season, we put on our thinking caps, review the stats, the moves, the rosters, and fling some darts to make our predictions on the upcoming season. Some in the past have gone well, others went off the board, and some voters were just giant homers (hi).

Most of the predictions are Leafs focused, so we could have made this review months ago for pointing and laughing purposes, but there were picks that relate to last night’s game so we waited. Now, let’s take a look at how overconfident we were.

Leafs Standings Predictions

Name Leafs finish in Division Leafs finish in conference Leafs finish overall
Name Leafs finish in Division Leafs finish in conference Leafs finish overall
seldo 2 3 5
katya 2 3 6
Arvind 3 4 7
Kevin 2 2 4
Fulemin 2 2 4
Brigstew 1 1 2
Hardev 2 2 5
Species 1 2 4
nafio 2 4 6
Annie 2 3 5
Actual Finish 3 5 7

Only Arvind was close on all three spaces, nailing two of them dead on and being just off on the Conference finish. Brigs went full homer by naming the Maple Leafs number one in the East, ahead of the Lightning, and just one spot behind the Presidents’ Trophy.

Goals and wins

Name # of wins Goals For Goals Against
Name # of wins Goals For Goals Against
seldo 55 298 245
katya 50 285 230
Arvind 45 283 236
Kevin 51 233
Fulemin 50 290 230
Brigstew 53 302 255
Hardev 54 291 234
Species 55 309 201
nafio 52 290 240
Annie 53 All of them All of them -1
Actual 46 286 251

Once again, Arvind was the most realistic person voting, and the only one to put the Leafs under 50 wins. He was off by one win and three goals for; but overestimated the defence. Katya came close to getting the goals for dead on, and Brigs guessed the Leafs would let in four more goals than they did. He went over, though, and will not take home the showcase.

Predictions: Trades

Name Who gets traded?
Name Who gets traded?
seldo Leivo, Sparks, Johnsson, Hyman
katya Carrick and Leivo
Arvind Future draft picks
Kevin 2019 First
Fulemin Leivo, Sparks
Brigstew Brown, Nielsen and a 2nd
Hardev Sparks, Leivo, 2019 picks
Species Pickard, Gauthier, Borgman, Leivo
nafio Leivo,
Annie Leivo, future picks
Actual Carrick, Leivo, Nielsen, Cracknell, Grundstrom, Lindholm, picks, prospects

This is always a more fun one to predict. Leivo was an easy one to pick as he wasn’t a Babcock favourite. Katya was the only one to pick Carrick, and Species had Pickard leaving, just not on waivers. Kevin had that first on it’s way out and I’m reminded Andrew Nielsen was a thing.

Predictions: Outcomes

Name Best (realistic) outcome for the Leafs Worst case scenario
Name Best (realistic) outcome for the Leafs Worst case scenario
seldo Conference Final Miss the playoffs
katya Conference Final Miss the playoffs by one game
Arvind Winning the Cup Miss the playoffs
Kevin Winning the Cup in Vegas Injuries, miss playoffs
Fulemin Parade down Yonge St. Global warming makes Earth uninhabitable
Brigstew Cup Champions Injuries, miss playoffs
Hardev Champions. OF THE WORLD lose wild card to Buffalo
Species Parade down Bay St. Miss the playoffs by one point determined in the April 1 game against the Islanders and losing because Matt Martin gets a hat trick
nafio Cup Champions Miss the playoffs
Annie Winning the damn Cup Narrowly miss the playoffs, everyone blames Jake Gardiner

We were all way off, and I’m surprised no one picked ‘blow a first round series lead to the Bruins’ as a worst case scenario, because I think I’d have rather missed the playoffs than lose to the Bruins.

Fulemin nailed the worst outcome though, it’s just taking longer than expected.

What we want as hockey fans

Name What you want as a fan
Name What you want as a fan
katya FUN!
Arvind Better breakouts, outshooting teams, and hopefully a playoff series win
Kevin Playoff series win vs. Boston
Fulemin Dynasty
Brigstew Curb stomp Boston in first round and win the Cup
Hardev Beat Tampa and Boston
Species Locker room shower access
nafio Many goals, much scoring
Annie Conquering victory, Auston Matthews wearing ridiculous clothes

I didn’t get what I wanted, Katya got lots of fun, Arvind was close to nailing all three predictions again. Kevin, Fulemin, Brigs, and Hardev were all disappointed, Species got himself a restraining order, nafio was correct, and Annie got what she wanted on both fronts.

Stanley Cup Final

Name Who wins the EC? Who wins the WC? Who wins the cup?
Name Who wins the EC? Who wins the WC? Who wins the cup?
seldo Toronto Nashville Toronto
katya Pittsburgh St. Louis St. Louis
Arvind Tampa Bay Winnipeg Winnipeg
Kevin Pittsburgh Winnipeg Winnipeg
Fulemin Tampa Bay Winnipeg Tampa Bay
Brigstew Toronto San Jose Toronto
Hardev Toronto Los Angeles Toronto
Species Capitals San Jose Toronto
nafio Toronto San Jose San Jose
Annie Tampa Bay San Jose San Jose
Actual Boston St. Louis St. Louis

First of all, Kevin and Arvind are dead to me.

Second of all, Katya was the only one to pick the Blues going to final, then she picked them to win it all over a team that wears black and gold. 2/3rds of the final correct isn’t too shabby.

Third of all, we’re a bunch of damn homers and proud of it.


Last place

Name Who finishes last?
Name Who finishes last?
seldo Detroit
katya Ottawa
Arvind Detroit
Kevin Ottawa
Fulemin Ottawa
Brigstew NYR
Hardev Ottawa
Species Minnesota
nafio Chicago
Annie Ottawa
Actual Ottawa

I knew in my heart deep down it would be the Senators taking home the Gil Stein Award for worst team in the league, but I wanted it to be HOCKEYTOWN™ because they deserve it for that nickname they gave themselves.

We made predictions about the NHL awards as well, but we’ll review those next week after the ceremony.

For now, I leave you with this parting gift.