Welcome to our first 2020 T25 recap and Community Vote reveal. That we’re here means we’ve survived week one and the Bracco story.

This year, we tried out a new site to use for the Community Vote, and it went fairly well. It’s obvious from the results that a few people submitted blank forms and at least one did the ordering backwards, but no one is perfect.

I decided to leave all votes as is, to not remove anything that I might assume is an outlier. There are a lot of votes: 258 actual forms submitted with data on them. That means one or two bits of weirdness won’t do anything to the final ranking.  Before we compare your votes to ours, let’s refresh our memories on ours.

PPP’s Votes for Week One

#25 The 2020 Vegas 4th-round pick

Top 25 Under 25: #25, the 2020 Vegas 4th-Round Pick

Not everyone liked the idea of including draft picks in the ranking this year, and the PPP voters ranked the two fourth-rounders very low.

#24 Jesper Lindgren

Top 25 under 25: Jesper Lindgren arrives at #24

Five years post-draft, Jesper Lindgren makes the list for the first time in an unassuming spot.

#23 The 2020 Toronto 4th-Round Pick

The other draft pick got some more voter consideration than the one everyone assumes will be better.

Top 25 Under 25: Toronto’s own 4th-round pick debuts at 23

#22 Mac Hollowell

This young, drafted defenceman fell below the undrafted Joseph Duszak and also below his ranking last year. Perhaps voters weren’t impressed with his mostly ECHL season.

Top 25 Under 25: Mac Hollowell is transitioning to pro at #22

#21 Jeremy Bracco

This is a huge drop from last year’s ranking, after a hugely disappointing season. Is he the king of recency bias or has his career taken a real nosedive?

Top 25 Under 25: Jeremy Bracco has fallen to #21

Community Votes

The same tabulation process was used for your votes that we used for ours. So all the first place votes became 25th, the second 24th and so on, with all unranked votes and votes greater than 25 becoming 0.

Your unranked list is the following:

  • /

That’s the real list. Every single player got at least 12 people to rank them somewhere in the 1 to 25 range, so we can’t write that off to the occasional backwards ranking.

Your honourable mentions list, therefore, is rather long, and starts at the bottom:

  • Ryan O’Connell - weighted average ranking of 25.60 (out of a possible 26)
  • Nikolai Chebykin - 25.51
  • Vegas 5th-round pick - 25.47
  • Semyon Kizimov - 25.45
  • JD Greenway - 25.3
  • Vegas 4th-round pick - 25.13
  • Vladimir Bobylev - 25.07
  • Max Veronneau - 25.05
  • Toronto 4th-round pick - 24.97
  • Michael Koster - 24.86
  • Eemeli Rasanen - 24.84
  • Vladislav Kara - 24.76
  • Kalle Loponen - 24.08
  • Kristians Rubins - 23.66/

We see our first big divergence between you and us. You didn’t rank any of the low-round picks, and you also separated those two fourths even more than we did! You did rank both Ian Scott and Joseph Woll.

Before we get to your votes, we have a special treat this year, courtesy of loserpoints at Raw Charge. He made us some histograms of the Community Vote, and they’re really interesting to look at. On each one, the dark bar is the actual ranking. Please shower him with love and cheer for the Lightning until that becomes impossible as a way to say thank you.

You’ll see some votes higher than 25 because the form let you rank the whole list. You don’t see the unranked votes, so these charts show you where people who did rank the player placed them.

And now your bottom five choices:

#25 Pontus Holmberg

Weighted Average Ranking: 23.53

Total Rankings: 132, with 117 in the 1-25 range

#24 Filip Kral

Weighted Average Ranking: 23.31

Total Rankings: 154 (143)

#23 Joseph Duszak

Weighted Average Ranking: 21.05

Total Rankins: 194 (188)

#22 Jesper Lindgren

Weighted Average Ranking: 20.97

Total Rankings: 181 (178)

#21 Ian Scott

Weighted Average Ranking: 20.22

Total Rankings: 217 (213)

You only have one player in this section that we also ranked there. Many people scattered Pontus Holmberg somewhere near the bottom, but dead last was the most popular spot for him.  Filip Kral gets similar treatment, with some thinking he’s better than the end of the list, but not by much. Joey Duszak got fairly even attention at a bigger range of locations, showing the consensus fraying out. Jesper Lindgren and Ian Scott continue that trend.

Scott has a very interesting response when you consider how few of us ranked him, and how many of you did, while disagreeing a lot as to where.

It will be interesting to see how much higher you have Bracco than us, where you put Joseph Woll when we didn’t rank him either, and a couple of other curious differences I’m not telling you about now.

Next week we’ll look at five more or our votes and five more of yours and we’ll see if we start to agree more.