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GDT: starting goalie Michael Hutchinson, eh?

Please beat the Rangers... For the mentors!

the Toronto Maple Leafs host their mentors road trip
TORONTO, ON- FEBRUARY 4 - Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Michael Hutchinson (30) stretches as the Toronto Maple Leafs host their mentors road trip in Toronto. February 4, 2020. Each of the Toronto Maple Leafs players invite one of their mentors to travel with them to a game in New York City to play the New York Rangers
Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Frederik Andersen is out at least day-to-day for the Toronto Maple Leafs with a neck injury he suffered on Monday. Michael Hutchinson has been given the task of essentially being the first and last line of defense for the Leafs for the next little bit.

Hutch has his hometown goalie coach in the building as his mentor for the Leafs mentor trip. Good choice.

The Preview with lines and analysis:

And some quality intermission reading: