This year, the T25 Community Vote had a good number of participants at 540. That’s enough to give a realistic picture of the general opinion of PPP readers.

Final Week Summary

Your final six selections begin with Timothy Liljegren ranked right where the official list has him, and at the same general average vote value.

Next comes Nick Robertson, another point of near total agreement, with a similar vote value, but that’s where the agreement ends. The Community Vote has Travis Dermott almost tied with Robertson, and the official list has Robertson almost tied with Rasmus Sandin and Rodion Amirov for the second time in a row.

At third, you have Sandin, bringing the lists into close alignment for the final three. There is not perfect unanimity for the top two, but the dissenting votes are in the very small minority. Auston Matthews got 510 first place votes and Mitch Marner got 502 second place votes. Twenty people put Marner first, and eight put Matthews second, which raises a really interesting question about 12 voters and how they see things.

Your full list is:

2021 Community Vote

RankPlayersWeighted Average
1Auston Matthews1.53
2Mitch Marner2.31
3Rasmus Sandin4.28
4Travis Dermott5.85
5Nicholas Robertson6.04
6Timothy Liljegren7.12
7Rodion Amirov7.88
8Joey Anderson12.32
9Topi Niemelä13.02
10Roni Hirvonen13.85
11Matthew Knies14.89
12Denis Malgin15.38
13Semyon Der-Arguchintsev16.05
14Mikhail Abramov16.05
15Brennan Menell17.35
16Nicholas Abruzzese17.51
17Mikko Kokkonen19.04
18Pontus Holmberg19.14
19Mac Hollowell19.34
20Pavel Gogolev19.59
21Joseph Woll20.06
22Veeti Miettinen20.78
23Joseph Duszak20.97
24Kristians Rubins22.09
25Erik Källgren22.18

As you’ll notice, there is a tie in there between two players, but I just let them be assigned positions based on the whims of the spreadsheet. This isn’t a meaningful tie like third place on the official vote

And the fun bit:

You can tell with the very first chart that some voters did not adjust the list from its original order very much, since Källgren was the first name on the list. This adds a bit of noise to the results, but that would be true no matter what order the names were listed.