With training camp about to start, the offseason is almost over, and prospect season comes to an end for another year. The fun thing about prospects is there’s always another batch the next summer. But for now, this is the official list of the Top 25 Under 25 for 2021:

2021 Top 25 Under 25

RankPlayerAverage Vote
1Auston Matthews1.0
2Mitch Marner2.0
3Rodion Amirov4.0
3Rasmus Sandin4.0
5Nicholas Robertson4.3
6Timothy Liljegren7.3
7Topi Niemelä8.0
8Roni Hirvonen8.6
9Travis Dermott8.7
10Matthew Knies9.1
11Mikhail Abramov9.7
12Mikko Kokkonen14.5
13Nicholas Abruzzese 14.6
14Joey Anderson14.9
15Semyon Der-Arguchintsev15.8
16Dmitri Ovchinnikov16.5
17Veeti Miettinen17.3
18Ty Voit17.6
19Denis Malgin19.7
20Pontus Holmberg20
21Pavel Gogolev20.3
22Filip Král21.4
23Artur Akhtyamov 23.1
24Brennan Menell23.3
25William Villeneuve24.6

And here’s who to blame for all of that:

2021 Official Votes

PlayerJonathanKatyaHardevseldoBrigsScouchOmarKevinAJArjunWeighted AverageHighest RankLowest Rank
Auston Matthews1111111111111
Mitch Marner2222222222222
Rasmus Sandin6543343453436
Rodion Amirov3436534534436
Nicholas Robertson43544563454.336
Timothy Liljegren1167867106667.3611
Topi Niemelä596128887898512
Roni Hirvonen78811995109108.6511
Travis Dermott1011105116119778.7511
Matthew Knies810991010981089.1810
Mikhail Abramov97111071271112119.7712
Mikko Kokkonen1415141717141413131414.51317
Nicholas Abruzzese 131720718161512161214.6720
Joey Anderson12121514-131216141514.91216
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev1614132014181614171615.81320
Dmitri Ovchinnikov1716191513172015151816.51320
Veeti Miettinen2021171312151921181717.31221
Ty Voit2522122415112419111317.61125
Denis Malgin1513-16-23132019-19.71323
Pontus Holmberg1820181919-18182519201825
Pavel Gogolev1918162125221722222120.31625
Filip Král22192218-1922-202021.41822
Artur Akhtyamov 2125--2125211723-23.11725
Brennan Menell23-24252020-23242223.32025
William Villeneuve---2216-----24.61622

Now for the fun part:

(Note: there’s two charts that came out weird. We’ll just have to live with their imperfections.)

Original Chart Code from Alan aka loserpoints formerly of Raw Charge. All weirdness is me force feeding it data in a new format this year.

The Community Vote final summary is coming up soon, so watch for that, and until next year, this has been your Top 25 Under 25.