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Game 4 GDT: The Jets* pull into Union Station

Hopefully they don’t infect the Leafs

Visitors to the Toronto Railway Historical Association museum enjoy a free ride on a small steam pow Photo by Pawel Dwulit/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Hello and welcome fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs! Tonight it’s game four of the 2021 season and we have our first game against the much maligned Winnipeg Jets*. Since it’s our first visit with the most ironically named hockey team outside the Florida Sell Outs, take some time pre-game to learn about our opponents:

And we have a preview from today that should get you ready for specifics:

Also, some good news for Leafs fans!

You know who doesn’t have an upper-body injury? Auston Matthews.

Speaking of Auston Matthews.

Tonight’s game is on Sportsnet Ontario in...well, Ontario, and if you’re unfortunate enough to live in Winnipeg you can watch it on TSN3. If you’re in neither places, you can stream it on

Enjoy the game everyone, and GO LEAFS GO!