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Maple Leafs game postponed

The Thursday game in the middle of the road trip will be played at a later date.

Calgary Flames v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The news is worse for the Calgary Flames who have seven people involved in a Covid outbreak. They will have at least three games postponed, including the Leafs game on Thursday.

The Leafs will have three days off between the Oilers game on Tuesday and the weekend back-to-back against the Canucks and the Kraken.

This has one unusual unintended consequence. The Thursday game is the fifth game of Jason Spezza’s suspension. He is supposed to have an appeal hearing with Gary Bettman on Tuesday, and this pushes the full six games of his suspension to include the Sunday game. It also gives enough time that if Bettman wanted to knock a couple of games off the suspension (spoiler: he won’t), it’s actually possible to happen in time. So the process won’t look quite like the pointless exercise it usually is.

When we have a new game date, we’ll update you.