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Game #26 GDT: Maple Leafs @ Canucks

It’s the right time of the day for the Leafs to win.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Maple Leafs (18-5-2) @ Vancouver Canucks (10-15-2)

Leafs Game #26
4:00 p.m. PT
Watch on: CBC, SNO, SNP, SN1
Opponent’s site: Nucks Misconduct

The Marlies lost 4-3 this afternoon to the Stockton Heat, but Teemu Kivihalme got a fun goal, and he had an assist on a goal by Rourke Chartier too.

After the game, Marlies coach Greg Moore explained that Nick Robertson has missed the past two games with an oblique muscle injury. His status is day-to-day. The Marlies now have five days off to rest before their next game.

It’s Saturday night, folks. After that last loss, it’s time for the Leafs to teach the Canucks a lesson about who they really are dance these Canucks out of their own town!