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Toronto Maple Leafs trade deadline recap

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Who left, who joined, and what it all cost.

Montreal Canadiens v Toronto Maple Leafs
Wait. Wrong Foligno.
Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images

Five trades this year! What a deadline for the Toronto Maple Leafs. After a couple seasons with nothing huge happening, the Leafs added a couple big pieces for their run at the Stanley Cup this year.

A quick summary of the ins and outs:

In: Four forwards, one defender, one goalie
Out: Three 2021 draft picks, Three 2022 draft picks, one forward
Staying put: Every prospect in the organization

Trade #1

To Toronto: F Riley Nash
To Columbus: 2022 6th or 7th round pick

Four days before the deadline the Maple Leafs brought in forward Riley Nash, villain of recent playoff series vs the Boston Bruins, to fill out the playoff roster. Nash is currently injured and won’t make a Leafs appearance until the playoffs are under way.

Going back is a conditional draft pick which could be either a seventh or sixth in 2022, the selection becomes a 6th round pick if Nash plays in 25% of the Maple Leafs’ playoff games this season.

Trade #2

To Toronto: F Nick Foligno, F Stefan Noesen
To Columbus: 2021 1st round pick (TOR), 2022 4th round pick (TOR)
To San Jose: 2021 4th round pick (TOR)

The next trade didn’t happen until the evening before deadline day, with the Maple Leafs using the San Jose Sharks as a go between with the Blue Jackets to bring Nick Foligno to the Leafs.

Both San Jose and Columbus retain 50% of Foligno’s salary in the trickle down to Toronto so the Leafs are only paying 25% total. The Leafs give up their first round pick for the third year in a row in the deal.

Trade #3

To Toronto: G David Rittich
To Calgary: 2022 3rd round pick

Currently the Maple Leafs are playing Jack Campbell as their starter, with Michael Hutchinson backing him up. This made a lot of people in Leafs land nervous, so to calm everyone from the front office to the stands the Leafs brought in David Rittich to play with Campbell down the stretch and into the playoffs if Frederik Andersen isn’t ready. The Flames retained 50% of Rittich’s salary, bumping the price up to a 3rd round pick.

Trade #4

To Toronto: D Ben Hutton
To Anaheim: 2021 5th round pick

A cheap defender for depth and it rids the Maple Leafs of another 2021 draft pick.

Trade #5

To Toronto: F Antti Soumela
To San Jose: F Alexander Barabanov

Barabanov gets a fresh start with a new team, and the Leafs add some always useful forward depth.

The Maple Leafs made two major additions to the team and it didn’t cost them any prospects, just draft picks in a very strange draft, poorly scouted draft.

Overall I would say this deadline is a win for the Maple Leafs.