Rittich, the Flames backup for many years, and noted Leafs-killer, is on the final year of a contract with an AAV of $2.75 million.

That makes him the same AAV as Foligno or $1.375million, which comfortabley fits in the current LTIR pool.

As a player on a Canadian Team, Rittich can be flown to Toronto and will not have to undergo quarantine. The Flames are currently at home, but will be flying to Toronto anyway for a game on Tuesday. It’s not impossible, he just comes with them.

Rittich has been notably better than his season average against the Leafs, which might lead us to overrate him a little.

Moneypuck has him at -0.003 in Save % Above Expected. That means he is bang on a league average goalie, and would rank him around the mid-30s for goalies with at least 10 games. And that means, he’s a very good backup.

Jack Campbell leads the NHL in this measure right now with 0.015, the same as Andrei Vasilevskiy, albeit in 13 the games. Frederik Andersen is tied with Rittich, and Michael Hutchinson is 1/100th behind them, in only eight games.

As available backups go, he’s definitely one of the best choices, and his immediate availability eases the way for the Leafs towards the playoffs.

Huh, room for more.