BREAKING NEWS: As of Thursday night, the rumour mill started to go crazy following Toronto's win over Arizona. Not long after, it was official:

With Toronto trading their 2025 third round pick, they will not have any pick before the fourth round that year. Other trades can still be made that could change that, of course. But for now that's the situation.

This trade seemed to be necessary after Toronto lost yet another defenseman to injury.

Here's the replay of what happened:

The Leafs originally acquired Lyubushkin at the trade deadline in 2022 in exchange for Nick Ritchie. Lyubushkin left the Leafs as a free agent after that season and signed a one year deal with the Buffalo Sabres. Then he signed with the Anaheim Ducks and now has come full circle.

But what's fun is that his first of two goals as a Maple Leaf was scored on now-Leafs goalie Ilya Samsonov.