First Period

Arizona starts buzzing around Joe Woll, and with the caveat that "he looks calm" is not goalie analysis, it is much more relaxing to not have the flopping around like a confused salmon we sometimes see with Ilya Samsonov.

There's been lots of back and forth and grinding away, but allegedly no goalie has yet to make a save at the 12 minute mark. Connor Ingram finally grabs one in his glove.

Michael Carcone tries a silly spin pass move that doesn't work, and then Pontus Holmberg knocks a more sedately styled pass to Mark Giordano who flies into the end boards and has to be helped off the ice.

Step up Ryan Reaves, it can't be another 11/5 night.

Matt Dumba sending a resume upstairs to Brad Treliving with a smack in the face to Max Domi behind the net. No penalties.

Beautiful! Is Mitch Marner back to normal? Maybe he's close.

1-0 Leafs

Reaves nearly gets one. I am 10% less annoyed by him lately.

Reaves then gets Juuso Valimaki by his more traditional method of a giant hit.

Naturally Reaves then fights Liam O'Brien. 11/5 it is then for five minutes. That 10% evaporated fast.

The parable of the πŸ¦‚ and the 🐸 yet again.


Arizona is up for this game, that's for sure, but yes, I'm convinced, let's get a defenceman from them.

Second Period

Marner opens the period doing a lot of work, Tyler Bertuzzi with the shot, Ingram with the save.

Oh, sure, Bertuzzi while I'm typing, rewinding...

William Nylander off the faceoff to William Lagesson and tipped by Bertuzzi.

2-0 Leafs

80th point for Nylander.

Massively long Leafs shift that begins with the Matthews line and seems like it won't ever end. Connor Ingram the difference maker in that stretch.

Marner playing defence for a lot of that. Okay, that was modestly funny from Chris Cuthbert: "The Leafs have the highest-scoring RHD in the NHL now.

Marner out again with what is essentially a power play unit.


3-0 Leafs

Arizona takes an interference call and that rare beast, a Leafs power play, is seen.

Well, that's not supposed to happen! They've been playing PP half the game, but Alex Kerfoot has their number. (Not like he didn't PK against them every practice.)

3-1 Leafs

Arizona with some life, and Woll more active than he was on the Kerfoot goal.


Leafs with more CF in the second and a lot less xGF, so they're pulling back on the offence a little, or Arizona suddenly learned how to defend. I think it's that first thing.

Third Period

Jason Zucker has been given a 10-minue misconduct at the end of the second period. Unknown reason.

Oh, Max. Circles the net, passes to the other team.

Leafs look like they want to speed this game to a quick end. But it's the trailing team with all the shots (naturally).

Fans want a penalty from a play on Holmberg, The ref does not agree.

Bah. Arizona with a dribbler off the post that got shoved in the net.

No idea why they quote tweeted this stupid gif with the goal video.

3-2 Leafs

Goal goes to Logan Cooley.

Marner back as a forward, as the broadcast has mentioned about 25 times.

Leafs allowing a lot of odd-man rushes. Many involving Kerfoot.

Then they ice the puck, and Arizona calls a timeout to plot a clever faceoff strategy which seems to work, but Woll knows Kerfoot, like Kerfoot knows the Leafs.

Leafs finally get the puck and Nylander nails the empty net.

4-2 Leafs

Coyotes try hard, but that's the final score because Bertuzzi misses the empty net. Oh, Bert.


Thanks to Species for some of the videos, and to you for putting up with a no-Omar recap.

Not the best we've ever done, I've been sick and flagged like the Leafs offence in the third.

Actual thoughts:

Pontus Holmberg sure makes Ryan Reaves look like a real player sometimes.

I miss Kerfoot.