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FTB: A long weekend off of hockey

Not one second of a game.

Roller-Coaster Photo by Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It's the May Two-Four weekend even though May 24th is actually on Tuesday. While not everyone has three straight days off, there's still lots to do.

Summer festival season kicks off, and since the Maple Leafs aren't in the playoffs its the perfect time to ignore the other teams and spend some time in the sun.

I'm spending the weekend cleaning my house, taking my puppy for a hike and maybe hitting up some minor-minor-minor-minor-minor-minor league baseball. Maybe getting a little sunburnt. It'll be great!

If you realllllly need some hockey news, fine, look below.

However, go do something else. The Leafs aren't playing, so who cares.

The only game last night was Edmonton Oilers at the Calgary Flames and thankfully things aren't going well for Edmonton. As of writing they're losing 3-1 in the second and I'll be damned if I stay up for that.

Wait I was wrong, the Hurricanes shut out the Rangers 2-0.

Here's some more:

Tonight's game is Colorado at St. Louis at 8:00 and the series is tied at ones.

But don't watch it. Go, as the kids say, touch grass.