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FTB: Did you know the World Juniors are happening? Edmonton doesn’t.

No one wants to go to a scandal plagued hockey tournament in August? Huh.

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Ice Hockey 2022 World Juniors Cancelled Due To COVID-19 Cases Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It’s the middle of August, baseball playoff races are heating up, we’re looking forward to training camps opening for various hockey leagues, and overall it’s pretty nice out.

Oh, and there’s a major international hockey tournament happening. But no one told the host city.

Yes, the 2022 World Juniors are being replayed now, after being shutdown two days in December. It’s a hard sell to get even the most diehard fans out for anything in the summer, but dropping a couple grand on a pair of tickets is a big ask, especially with the current economy.

To make it worse they aren’t selling the entire arena, only the lower bowl.

So, the games are pretty empty in the stands and even on the boards. There’s a very noticeable lack of sponsorships, which due to Hockey Canada’s gross incompetence and malicious conduct.

So, the games are happening, Germany lost to the USA 5-1, and had some excruciatingly long video reviews, Czechia beat Slovakia 5-4, and Finland walloped Latvia 6-1.

Roni Hirvonen did Leafs prospects proud, scoring 1 goal and 2 assists for Finland.

Hockey Canada didn’t play but made moves off the ice, naming Andrea Skinner the new interim chair of the board. Skinner was captain at Cornell, and was a professional referee at one point as well.

In Top 25 news, we have the list of unranked players to help you along with your speculation.

Newly acquired Hurricane Max Pacioretty had surgery to repair a torn Achilles and will be out until the second half of the season.

Another RFA has signed, so maybe now we’ll get more moves?

If you’re interested, today’s World Juniors games are:

Sweden vs Switzerland at 2:00PM
Latvia vs Canada at 6:00PM
Germany vs Austria at 10:00PM

Enjoy your day everyone!