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The second week of the Top 25 Under 25 has brought us to number 15.

Official Vote

One newly drafted player joins some more familiar names in this set:

19 Semyon Der-Arguchintsev

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Semyon Der Arguchintsev is 19th
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev makes our list within the top-20, but is the first player trending away from the Leafs than towards it.

There was a big jump up in the weighted average vote for SDA. Number 20, Hudson Malinoski, was at 21, and SDA at 19.8. But that came from only six voters as four left him unranked.

18 Noah Chadwick

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Noah Chadwick is 18th
Noah Chadwick makes his debut at 18th after being drafted by Toronto this summer. He’s a big lanky defenseman with questions about his skating but some interesting skill that hints at his potential.

Very nearly tied with SDA, Chadwick had an average vote of 19.7 with only one voter leaving him unranked.

17 Ryan Tverberg

2023 T25U25: Ryan Tverberg is 17th
Ryan Tverberg has undergone a huge rise in status as a prospect since he was drafted, and his ranking history continues to reflect this improvement. As he enters his first full professional season, will that improvement be enough to make him a future contributor at the NHL level?

A full point higher at 18.7, Tverberg got 10 votes, the lowest ranked player to get a vote from everyone.

16 William Villeneuve

2023 Top 25 Under 25: William Villeneuve is 16th
On a team with so few defensemen prospects in their pipeline, Villeneuve is arguably their second best hope of being an NHLer. This year, he will have a chance to step up into a second pair role on the Marlies and get even closer to the NHL as a real possibility.

At 17.2, in average ranking, we're just starting to leave the "somewhere in the bottom" choices behind and get some consensus that the player is a small step above that. Villeneuve also got 10 votes.

15 Ty Voit

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Ty Voit is 15th
Sarnia is the oft-overlooked little brother, and Ty Voit is a prospect that seems to fit that role too. He’s unusual for an OHL player in that he’s American, and that means he has to really wow them back in Colorado Springs to make the national team.

The Voit vote leaps up to 15.6 with ten voters ranking him, but the spread is 10 placings – a standard number for the lower part of the list.

Next week we'll start to see average ranking more closely mirroring the placement. But there are two big gaps to come between 14 and number 1.

Community Vote

We ended last week with the widely disparate vote for Nikita Grebenkin, a player yet to be ranked on the Official Vote, but we begin this week with a lot more agreement.

19 Semyon Der-Arguchintsev

The community vote showed a similar pattern where the decision to rank SDA or not marked a big split, but those who did rank him, had him in the teens on their list. It was enough to get him a weighted average ranking of 19.21 – a small step up from Grebenkin.

18 Artur Akhtyamov

At 19.14 in average ranking, the community had the second goalie in the top 25 higher than on the official list and ranked with a strong consensus.

17 Ryan Tverberg

We have to stop meeting like this. Another ranking agreement has Tverberg at 18.38, and also marks a very strong vote consensus.

16 Nicholas Moldenhauer

At 17.72 in average, the community has Moldenhauer, and number 15 below, in a bit of a clump in the middle teens. There is a lot more disagreement about where he ranks, though:

15 William Villeneuve

At 17.63, and nearly the same place in the rankings, there is a lot of agreement about this Marlies defender as well.

With 11 players ranked on both lists, each list has only two players ranked who are not yet revealed on the other. For the official vote, it's Ty Voit and Dennis Hildeby. For the community vote it's Nicholas Moldenhauer and Nikita Grebenkin. There's some differences in placings, but we all agree broadly on who is at the bottom of this list of 36 prospects.

Next week we'll start to see the official list show 10 votes per most players but the spread within those votes remains large. Number 10 will have 10 votes and an average ranking of 10.5.

On the community vote, your number 10 is ranked a little lower and is not (quite) the same person.

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