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FTB: Happy Birthday Wayne

...back in my day...

The Great One On 1” With NHL Legend Wayne Gretzky Taping

Mr. Simmonds has his birthday on August 26th if you were curious. Wayne of the Gretzky variety turns 62 today. Happy Birthday. I must be getting old if I’m talking about guys in their 60s.

It pays to take care of yourself so you can get a little older. Please speak up if you need a helping hand.

The Leafs took a turn on Broadway last night; here is the quick and dirty:

Who are the top RFAs this summer? Who might get traded from that list?

Can someone get Gary out here? We have a trade to announce. That was fast. Includes an RFA that wasn’t on the list.

This was before they lost to the Sens last night...

Have a happy healthy Thursday.