The first of two media days is over and the Leafs players and Sheldon Keefe have given their parting words for the season. If you want to see the full Sheldon Keefe presser here it is below and the individual players are up on their YouTube channel too. But of course, Keefe and the players aren't who we have been waiting to hear from, and none of them actually said anything surprising or unexpected. Injuries and medical issues were mostly still kept to vague descriptions.

The big event will now be on Friday, when we also get our first public introduction to new MLSE CEO Keith Pelley and get to hear what his expectations are for the team, for the management group of Shanahan and Treliving, and what they have to say will happen, if anything, to Keefe.

The PWHL has the unique feature for their playoffs where the top team in the league gets to select which team they play in the opening round of the playoffs. Toronto was number one this season so they got the choice and they made a video for it.

Other News

The Bruins demolished the Panthers in game#1 last night, winning 5-1, so you know in the next game of that series Tkachuck is going to do something dumb if they are losing the game again. Tonight is the Hurricanes @ Rangers and the late game is the Avalanche @ Stars. We'll see how much attention those get in Canada compared to the Leafs.

What’s it like for an American Olympic hockey star to become Ottawa’s hometown hero? | This is Ottawa | CBC Podcasts | CBC Listen
When Ottawa hosted its first PWHL game, it broke an attendance record for a women’s professional hockey game. It’s a night Hayley Scamurra won’t forget - not least because she scored the first goal for Ottawa. Robyn Bresnahan recruits a young player with the Nepean Wildcats to interview Hayley about that goal, living in Ottawa and having to switch her Ottawa jersey for her Team USA jersey to face-off against her teammates.
Bones’ Calls It A Career!!
The Winnipeg Jets broke into today’s headlines with the news that current Head Coach Rick Bowness has opted for retirement after two seasons at the helm of the franchise. Just a day after stating that…

Enjoy your Tuesday of waiting for the big news, or non-news, or whatever the mystery news will be on Friday. If you want something to watch and laugh at tonight, the Draft Lottery is at 6:30 p.m. and you just know the Utah To Be Determined will win it, right?!