One: Glenn Healy

I know! That’s unexpected, isn’t it? He seemed to be the only member of the broadcast team that realized that this was for fun. He talked about the players as people, ignored real hockey issues like who was having a good season and who was going to be traded and made some actually funny jokes.

Removed from the devil’s advocate role HNIC used to put him in, he’s very different. The best part was him recognizing Alex Ovechkin’s leadership in ensuring the workers — the equipment staff, trainers, etc. — got in the official photos.

Two: Brad Marchand

This is really getting weird. He’s supposed to be the villain, but he seemed to be the only guy willing to take the piss out of this stuffy hockey event.

He started off blowing kisses when he was booed.

Then he made a point of pointing out to the crowd that they were cheering for him when he scored, and to top that off, he mocked the high-sticking sales jobs done by so many in the NHL.

Three: The Tampa Bay Lightning

They took the bad taste of the half-time entertainment right out of our mouths with this presentation:

Tampa owner Jeff Vinik gives out a community award during every game. For this event, O’Ree was the recipient.

Four: Mike Smith

The goalie known for his puck skills also caught on to the fun part of an ASG. He joined a rush at one point and then near the end of the final he went for an ENG.

Five: Auston Matthews and Jack Eichel:

They cooked up the goal celebration in advance, and Eichel said it was all Auston’s idea. Copying Matthew’s pointed celebration of a goal after one was called back in a recent game, this ASG goal came after one was called back on an offside challenge.

CBC helpfully cut off the stream to the game before it was over, so I don’t even know who won. But who cares? At least some of it was fun.