It seems like just yesterday we were staring at Alex Stalock's stats, wondering if signing him was a calculated move to ensure that Toronto finished dead last in the NHL (yep, yesterday). But then Lou Lamoriello held a press conference about the goalie trade, and the tone around it suddenly changed:

"As you all know we have the best team, in our opinion, in the American Hockey League. We've had the best tandem there. We have to take a look at Garret Sparks right now, how he performed when he did come up earlier. It's something that's the real thing. We're going to have to find out about Bibeau. These are all things that are in the process and you can't do it when you have two goaltenders here in the NHL (....)

You never know unless they're given the opportunity, and the only way you get an opportunity is if there's a space available for that." (With thanks to MLHS for the transcript.)

Alex Stalock was placed on waivers today by the Maple Leafs, and with Garret Sparks already called up to back up Jonathan Bernier, it looks like the musical goaltender situation has sorted itself out. Bernier is the Leafs' starter, and the organization will give Sparks and Antoine Bibeau a good hard look to see if they are (as Lou put it) the "real thing."

Will Stalock have good enough numbers to carry the Toronto Marlies through the season? Yes. In 145 games played in the AHL, he has a career average of .909. In 57 AHL games over two seasons, Bibeau has an average of .908. This tandem will get the job done for the rest of the season, and Sparks can return to the Marlies for the playoffs.

And how does Mike Babcock feel about the Leafs goaltending situation?