It rained all weekend here in Vancouver, the first rain we've had in at least a month.  It was needed, there have been an incredible number of forest fires around the province, and downtown Vancouver was full of smoke last week.  But it was a summer weekend with rain, so most of our plans were ruined.  Having dinner on the beach on Saturday turned into running a ton of errands and staying in, and then a big picnic and BBQ we were supposed to have on Sunday turned into staying home and baking.  Oh, and a lot of Nintendo 64, playing the Ocarina of Time.  I never had video games growing up (seriously, I owned my first gaming system at 19, also a Nintendo 64) so I really suck at it.  But I'd been playing Ocarina during my summers at university and when I moved out here, I left the console at home so I never finished the game.  Cue getting married and acquiring a new N64 through said marriage and then some encouragement in the Chatty Cathy to pick up a copy of the game on e-bay, and thus a weekend where I probably spent at least 12 hours playing a video game was ready to happen.  Once I finish this, I'm going right back to playing.  I hope we get more rain this week.

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