There was one name in Leafs lore that popped into my head last night which noone has yet mentioned as a possible candidate for Mount Puckmore: Harold Ballard (my inspiration was the revelation on twitter that Jeff Marek literally dug Ballard's grave). Now I know we want Mount Puckmore to reflect the glorious history of the Leafs, but didn't we all enjoy DHSpeedwagon's Mount Puckmore for the Senators, which included an acknowledgement to the disgraces of the team as well? It's hard to argue that Yashin and Daigle shouldn't be on there - they have clearly become closely linked with the identity of the Senators.

I think the same can be said for Harold Ballard and the Leafs.  From when he bought the final shares in the Leafs from the Smythe family in 1972 until his death in 1990, he defined the team more than any single player ever did.  Or at least he wanted to, and some of the most notorious stories from the Leafs' history - Roger Neilson being forced to coach with a paper bag on his head, Darryl Sittler tearing the C off of his jersey - were because of Ballard.  Does anyone think we'd have the longest Stanley Cup drought in the league were it not for Ballard?  He was the owner of the team for 28 years, the darkest days in our history came under his iron fist, doesn't that qualify him as probably one of the most significant individuals to ever have an effect for the Leafs?

And for that matter, we almost need to give one spot to Leafs fans.  No other team has had fans as willing to pay up for the abuse that we've taken.  The Gardens were sold out every single night under Ballard's reign.  When Ballard pulled down the Foster Hewitt Broadcast Gondola to make more room for luxury boxes - someone bought those boxes.  Maybe it's not the fans that are truly responsible for that, but the faceless corporations, or the almighty dollar.  But without the financial certainty that is the Leafs brand, it would've been far more difficult for Ballard to be the dictator he was.  Either way, and unpalatable as it may be, I am starting to think that Ballard has to be on Mount Puckmore.  And the easiest reason to explain it is the one we all hate so much: 1967.
Anyways, onto your links.  I've only included a bare minimum of Kovalchuk, but if you want more, I suggest you head over to In Lou We Trust.