I'm gonna just go ahead and say that I really don't care what happens with Kovalchuk or the other contracts under investigation by the NHL. Boring.... Can't there just be hockey games to watch already? I might be going stir crazy.

T-Minus 4 days and counting until Kaberle's trade window closes. Sigh.

The secret Kovalchuk hearing transcript

DGB taps his amazing sources yet again for this prime intel.

Rounding out the Leafs' lineups

BCPs with a look at potential lineups in October and March.

Myth: The Leafs must improve their offense to compete for a playoff spot

MLHS goes all Mythbusters on the above statement.

Jenny quits her job via dry erase board

This HOPA is still upset about Kerry Fraser.

And that's all the Leafs news. Yawn.